The Best Android Weather Widget Options

The Best Android Weather Widget Options
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Animated Weather Widget

For a lively display of the current weather conditions, consider installing the Animated Weather Widget. This Android weather widget displays animations of the daily weather forecast on the home screen. The app contains beautifully rendered clouds, rain, and snow. The forecast is updated automatically and is specific to your location. The app also features weather information for other localities. The widget also displays the time. You can select the background for your phone and the size of the widget. Animated Weather Widget is a free app available on the Android Market.

Weather Widgets by Pixelspore

Weather Widgets Android App

If you would like a weather widget with multiple options, then the Weather Widgets app by Pixelspore is for you. It contains 18 different widgets that are available in three sizes. All the widgets display the day’s forecast, along with the week’s forecast. Some widgets have a clock. There is an option for how transparent the background should be, and you can select how often the forecast should be updated. The date and time format can be adjusted and the weather units can be changed. In addition to the temperature and weather conditions, the app displays the wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, the time the sun rises and sets, and the number of hours of sunlight per day. Weather Widgets by Pixelspore is available on the Android Market for about $1.36.

Snowstorm Weather Widget

Snowstorm Weather Widget Android App

Another weather widget for Android phones that displays the weather on the home screen is the Snowstorm Weather Widget. It displays the temperature and weather conditions for the day. The app features several backgrounds which blend nicely with the weather information. Download the free Snowstorm Weather Widget app from the Android Market.

Weather Widget

Weather Widget Android App

For a simple, yet informative weather widget, consider downloading the Weather Widget app. It displays the day’s weather and the weather for the next three days. It includes the temperature, both high and low, and the weather condition, which is depicted with images of the sun, clouds, and rain. The app also features the sunrise and sunset times. Weather Widget is a free app available on the Android Market.

Weather Forecast Widget

Weather Forecast Widget Android App

The Weather Forecast Widget displays weather information obtained from Google and Weather Underground. This Android weather widget displays the high and low temperatures of the day and the weather conditions. You can customize how the widget displays information, and there are several backgrounds in the app. The free Weather Forecast Widget is available at the Android Market. You can also upgrade to a premium version for a choice of skins and a calendar feature.

More Apps

For more weather related apps for Android phones, read about the iMap Weather app and the WeatherBug app.