The Best Android To Do List Apps

The Best Android To Do List Apps
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Astrid Task/Todo List

The Astrid Task/Todo List is a to-do list app for Android. It has an easy user interface that allows you to view tasks, edit existing tasks, and add new things to do. As you complete an item on the list, simply check it off and continue on to the next one. You can organize the list into different categories and set reminders for upcoming things to do. If your phone has Android 2.1 or greater, it can take advantage of the voice tasks and voice reminder features. The app syncs with Google Tasks and, which features task sharing. There is a convenient widget for the home screen of your Android smartphone. The free Astrid Task/Todo List app can be downloaded at the Android Market.

Taskos To Do List

Taskos To Do List Android App

Create a list of daily errands with Taskos To Do List. With this Android to-do list app, you can manage your daily tasks effortlessly. The app features a voice activated list feature which lets you add items to a list by speaking. The voice task feature requires Google Voice on the phone. Items on the list can be modified, deleted, or checked off. Easily enter notes for each item and set alerts. The app features customizable categories and a widget for the home screen. Taskos To Do List is a free app available in the Android Market.


CheckItOff Android App

CheckItOff is another Android to-do list app that syncs with Google Tasks and features customizable categories. With this app you can organize the things you need to do by category, date, or priority. Remind yourself of upcoming tasks by setting reminders. Also, set reoccurring tasks to repeat each day or each week. Add additional notes to each item effortlessly and create subtasks when additional things pop up. The home screen widget for this app conveniently displays reminders. Download the free CheckItOff app at the Android Market.


GTasks Android App

GTasks is an Android to-do list that syncs with Google Tasks. Create multiple lists with this app and move items from one list to another. To switch between two lists, simply scroll horizontally. The app allows you to set reminders for tasks, and when a due date is passed, there is an alarm feature to notify you. For a second reminder, hit the snooze button. GTasks is a free app available at the Android Market.

ToDo Task Manager Pro

ToDo Task Manager Pro Android App

ToDo Task Manager Pro features a customizable user interface. You can determine how the task list screen appears and how the sorting and filtering screen is displayed. The home screen widget is customizable as well. The app features a Details section which contains active links to websites, email address, and locations. You can set reminders and repeating tasks. Tasks can be exported to the SD card in a variety of formats including TXT, XML, and CSV. Tasks can also be sent to Google Calendar. The ToDo Task Manager Pro app is available at the Android Market for $3.95.

More Apps

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