ShopSavvy for Android Review: An App that Makes Shopping Easy on Android Phones

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ShopSavvy System Requirements

The requirements for the android ShopSavvy Application are pretty simple at the moment considering the limited number of phones like the the MyTouch, Motorola Droid, Google Nexus, and the G1/G2 phones that offer Google Android support, however down the road you’ll want to look for the following abilities and system standards.

Requirements are as follows:

Google Android Operating System.

Internet Plan so you can download applications and use ShopSavvy.

ShopSavvy application (available for download via Android Market).

How to download ShopSavvy: launch the market application - tap applications - shopping - select shopsavvy - the phone will download the application. You will be notified when it is finished installing and will be able to launch ShopSavvy from the applications tab.

Shopping on Your Android Phone with Your Fingertips

Have you ever been in a situation at a store where you see something that you like and want to buy but the price tag makes you hesitant? Despite the price tag on the item, you still chose to buy it, only to find out later that you could have gotten a better deal on it down the street or online.

If you can relate to that scenario then ShopSavvy for Google Android based cell phones is the perfect tool for you to add to the arsenal.

With the Android ShopSavvy application currently available for any Android phone you are able to use the built in camera to scan the barcode of a product at which time a list will then be populated with the prices of the item at online retailers and also at various local stores by using your phone’s built in GPS to determine your location.

This instant access allows you to shop smart and not jump at the first price that you see, and it gets rid of the “frustrated later because you didn’t shop around” scenario.

The convenience of ShopSavvy goes even further in the sense that if the item is at an online store you are able to click a link to go directly to the website where the item is located.

If the item is at a local store you even can click the store link and get directions to the store from where you are by using the GPS functionality.

What Can ShopSavvy for Android Do?

Price comparisons in the palm of your hand at both online and instore locations.

The ability to shop and purchase with your fingertips.

For more on ShopSavvy check out the developers website:

In Summary

We live in a time of convenience and we want things right away. Many of us will not take the time to do the bargain hunting, and price comparison, and we’ll end up paying more then we should most of the time. So why not get smart and let something else do the leg work for you?

Now finding the best price couldn’t be any easier, all you have to do is find your item, scan it, let the list populate and then examine the prices, no more surfing from page to page, or ad to ad.

This tool is essential for bargain hunters, and makes smart shoppers out of those who choose to use it. ShopSavvy can be downloaded via the Android Market for any Android phone.