Problems for Nokia: Nokia N8 Leaked, Nokia Shares Fall

Problems for Nokia: Nokia N8 Leaked, Nokia Shares Fall
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The Stock Market & Nokia

According to Investors Nokia, stock shares (NOK) between mid 2009 and early 2010 hovered around $15 to $8 with current trading stats at around $9.99 (down approximately 40%).

Are the falling stock prices related to the Nokia N8 leak or has Nokia stepped up to produce a smartphone competitive with the iPhone and Android? Whether Nokia users will embrace the new N8 remains to be seen, but how was the Nokia N8 leaked?

The Nokia N8 Leak says that in early April of 2010, a “Nokia N8 prototype fell into the wrong hands,” and that the person responsible, “posted a review on his blog.” The review was not favorable and included insights such as “too many bugs and glitches and that the Nokia N8 isn’t what the tech world expects it to be.”

Sure enough Nokia responded saying the prototype wasn’t ready and that the promised Symbian 3 platform was much improved upon since the original prototype leak in April found on the now famous Russian blog post. In fact, Nokia has gone as far as saying the prototype was “lost or stolen,” not admitting to the press which of the two is correct.

Even with the Nokia N8 leaked, the release date of this smartphone keeps getting pushed back and now it’s not expected until the third quarter of 2010. Some say the price tag is too high with preorders on websites like Amazon around $500-$700.

Experts from GSM Magazine predicted 2010 would be the year of the “bloodbath” for smartphones. As Nokia continues to push back the release date of the N8, will it be worth the wait?

Features of the Nokia N8

Until the Nokia N8 hits stores, how the features work has only been reviewed by some techie experts like Mobile-Review and include:

  • 12 Megapixel camera / Carl Zeiss lenses
  • Xenon Blitz with a large sensor
  • 720p HD video capability
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Top of the line photo editing software
  • Web TV capabilities
  • 16 GB of internal memory (for a price you can add 32 GB more)
  • Ovi Maps GPS for 70 countries
  • Symbian 3 technology
  • Enhanced social networking interactions with Facebook and Twitter
  • Multi-start screens available to reveal numerous applications

Still, Mobile-Review calls the Symbian operating system a “disappointment,” and “lacks the innovation that both Android and iPhone bring to the fold.”

Sure enough, if you want the Nokia N8 in your hands, you will have to wait, but what is Nokia doing to battle the dilemma of the Nokia N8 leaked issues and how will they deal as Nokia shares fall?

Nokia: Looking Ahead

Nokia N8 Screenshot 2

Nokia made an official press release to aid in defending the N8 leak and predict a positive future, especially in the area of the smartphone.

A summary of the press release has Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo saying, “In 2010, we will drive user experience improvements, and the progress we make will take the Symbian user interface to a new level—like no other platform.” Perhaps, but with the N8 delays will that new level interface even come in 2010?

The press release also offers that by year-end of 2011, their smartphones will be cheaper than the iPhone or Android smartphones. With the fall of the Palm Pre and Android hot on iPhone’s tail, price wars with Nokia may just give them the upper hand in the smartphone market, that is if they can get the price where consumers want it to be.

Nokia also predicts smartphone market shares up by 10% by 2011 in the US and in Europe they expect to have “300 million active users.” Looking even further ahead by 2014, Nokia says they will “re-engineer the Symbian user interface,” that is if they can see how the Nokia N8 is working out, especially with real users. They also expect to increase the “proportion of touch and/or QWERTY devices in the smartphone portfolio.”

If the stock market keeps seeing Nokia shares fall and with the issue of the Nokia N8 leaked, along with all the other blog posts and bad prototype reviews all over the web, it’s anyone’s guess what the release of the N8 will bring. Do expect, however, Android and the iPhone will stay tops for now and the N8 price tag may not help its case.