Google Android Contacts: Backing Up & Adding Contacts into your T-Mobile G1 Phone

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Automatic Backup

Are you sick and tired of transferring phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses and more from one device to the next? With Google Android those arduous tasks are a thing of the past. Using Google Android allows users to auto backup their contacts details directly to their Google Talk and Google Gmail accounts both on the web and on your computer. This automatic backup means you can not only save important information but access it anywhere in the world with or without your phone, a very cool feature that takes advantage of your T-Mobile (at this time) data connection.

Other Backup Options

Sure you can simply type in a contacts name and give them a call, however with Google Android you have more options to choose from. For instance, you can call your contact, or you can push move down on your device’s trackball to send an SMS message, or even take it one step further by choosing to send a Google Talk message to your Android contact’s email address which you entered at an earlier time. This all in one functionality makes it easy to establish a conversation under any type of circumstance.

Outside of simply calling the person you can also receive directions to their address via your device’s use of Google Maps, another option that can easily be implemented via the device’s contacts menu with only a few quick clicks.

Easy Navigation

As I mentioned above its easy to navigate your contacts screen, you start by simply clicking on the Contacts Icon, at which point you can scroll through the list of contacts on your device much in the same manner as you would on the iPhone, or you can start typing in the letters to your contacts name, much like T9 predictive text the device will weed out names until you’ve typed enough letters to shorten your list. Simply click on the name on your list and their mobile number, home number, email address, and home address will appear in their personal contact screen, at which point you can choose to make a call, send an SMS, initiate a Google Talk conversation, or even map the contacts location directions.

The screens on the Google Android OS are easy to follow and the information is set up to maximize ease of use.


Not only can Google Android handle simple contact functions easily, but because the mobile OS is open source, its also possible for developers to integrate the contacts you have already entered into programs you use in the future. For instance you may be able to use Geo Location Based services to pinpoint your location and then using your contacts pull up your distance from the contacts listed in your device, of course that’s just one way the contacts can be further utilized.

Basically the Google Android Contacts list can be adapted to fit a variety of functions while keeping your contact information in place both on your device and within your various Google Accounts.

The Google Android Contacts options are easy to use, offer excellent accessibility, and adaptability. If you want to expand the typical contact functions of cellular devices I would highly recommend checking out the Google Android Mobile Operating System, after all with open source capabilities it can only get better.