Celebrity Cell Phone Choices: How Do You & Your Personality Measure Up?

Celebrity Cell Phone Choices: How Do You & Your Personality Measure Up?
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What Are You Like?

Our phones are no longer just phones, in fact they are no longer just gadgets either, they have become status symbols. Go on admit it, when you got your shiny new phone you just couldn’t wait to show it off and were desperate for someone else to notice its beauty. There’s a reason for this. Your phone says a lot about you (not in a gossipy, behind your back way), and that’s why you want people to notice it. I’m guilty of making assumptions about someone based on the cell phone they choose, but am equally happy to be judged by my choice too.

Celebrity cell phone choices are made in the same way. How many pictures have you seen recently with a celeb clutching their phone? They know they are going to be spotted at some point during the day using their phone, so of course they want it to be one that makes the right statement.

So let’s see how you measure up and what celebrities agree with you. You might be surprised…


Despite what you might think about iPhone users, there is evidence to suggest that they aren’t the tech savvy bunch they like to think they are. A staggering 34% of respondents to a recent survey conducted by Retrevo thought that their iPhone 4 was a 4G phone – there is no such product. I also believe that many people choose iPhones because of appearances alone, without really knowing much about the internals, or what MP camera it has, for example. And why worry? iPhones do everything for you and make it so easy, so why would you admit to being a technophobe, when the iPhone can cover your tracks nicely.

Celebrities pick iPhones as it’s a safe choice. They have enough to worry about with their clothes, hair, and choice of partner being judged, without having to worry about being judged by a dodgy gadget choice. And the non-celeb iPhone owner is exactly the same – choosing an iPhone means they will not be mocked as it has become the standard choice. These people care what others think about them and looks are of paramount importance. They are happy to be led and like to fit in. Admittedly iPhone tweeting Charlie Sheen may be the exception to this last rule, but at the moment I think he’s the exception to most rules!

Celebrity iPhone Users: Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen, Sandra Bullock, Paris Hilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Justin Bieber, Demi Moore, Mark Zuckerberg, Ron Howard.


There is a common misconception about Android users, that they are geek-types, and if that were true in the past, I certainly don’t


think that’s true now…. OK, maybe a little bit. There are of course those that adore Android because you can really get in there and mess around with the software and Androids were definitely seen as more of a boy’s toy. But times they are a changing. As more attractive handsets appear on the market, that can equal the iPhone’s appearance, more girls are getting on board too.

Although spotted in the past using an iPhone, Jenna Jameson has switched to Android; she’s been seen over the past few months with either a HTC Thunderbolt, or the stylish 4G Sidekick. Thank you Jenna, for proving INQ boss Frank Meehan wrong in saying that pretty girls prefer iPhones.

Android phones are an appealing handset to those who just like things how they like them; perhaps this means they are also pedants and perfectionists. They are likely to be the ones that won’t let go of something until they’ve got what they want, and perhaps also a little secretive – they rejoice in the fact they think Android is better but are secretly pleased that more people don’t realize it, as then they’ve got something a little bit unique to keep to themselves.

There may be more celebrity iPhone users, but celebrities who love Android hold a lot more power.

Celebrity Android Users: Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Oprah Winfrey, John Daly, Tony Hawk, Mark Cuban, Jenna Jameson.



BlackBerry users are a difficult bunch to describe as they tend to fall into two categories, but categories that are really quite disparate. On the one hand you have world leaders Barack Obama and David Cameron as CrackBerry addicts, and on the other you have uber-cool celebs like Katy Perry, Russell Brand, and Lady Gaga. BlackBerries have for a long time been seen as the must-have business phone, and a lot of users haven’t moved away from that even though there are smartphones with the same capabilities and more guts.

One thing BlackBerry users all have in common is that they are a bit scared of tech and change. A BlackBerry is a straightforward device that is easy to understand and looks more like a conventional mobile. BlackBerry users might enjoy the power in creating change in other areas, and are often quite creative, but do not like change thrust upon them. And do not ask them about their favorite apps, as they wouldn’t know what to do with them.

I have to disagree with Digital Trends, who peg BlackBerry users this way: “[They] believe that everything has a place, and that it should be in that place.” I think it’s more likely that they want to feel that way and maybe their BlackBerries help them to feel more in control, but often their personal and home life is hectic, disorganized and untidy.

To complicate things further, there is also a sub-group of BlackBerry users that keep their BB for business, and another phone for pleasure; I can’t decide whether this makes them greedy, obsessive-compulsive, or just lovers of gadgets.

Celebrity BlackBerry Users: David Cameron (British Prime Minister), Barack Obama, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg (also Android), Justin Timberlake (also Android), Russell Brand.

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 users are the hardest group to peg because it’s such a small group. It’s fair to say that we are talking geek-chic


when we consider this group though. At complete polar opposites to iPhone users, WP7 fans are happy to stand out from the crowd and will spend hours telling you why.

Although there is evidence to suggest this select group is increasing in numbers, they probably won’t mind too much when WP7 disintegrates as then they can opt for the new Microsoft offering and have a whole new operating system to explore. After all they are probably just jumping on the Windows Phone train because it was the latest thing anyway. And of course because then they can keep all their business stuff organized in the same place as their personal stuff; these people don’t think they are in control, they are in control. Sensible and trustworthy you can trust WP7 owners with anything you like and not have to worry.

After much research, the only “celebrity” Windows Phone 7 user I could find was Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if he had an iPhone hidden somewhere.

Celebrity Windows Phone 7 User: Bill Gates

The Verdict?

So do you think I’ve got you pegged, or am I way off? Are there any celebrity cell phone spots I’ve missed that you are proud to have in your smartphone corner? Let me know.


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