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The Growing Change to Mobile OS Duopoly

There once was a time where phone manufacturers struggled to create their own operating systems. With Android and iOS the landscape has changed. But is this growing reliance on Android and the dominance of Apple a sign of good things or bad things to come?

Why is Mobile Unlimited Data Dying?

Unlimited data may soon be a thing of the past, but recent trends in mobile data usage could make this an explosive situation for mobile subscribers. Should wireless carriers be more worried about expanding their networks than they seem to be about setting data caps?

Why Can’t I Use My Mobile on the Subway?

This week the New York subway entered the high tech era, allowing mobile phones to be used underground… in 4 of the 277 stations anyway. The London Underground is still nowhere near getting to this point though. Why are two of the world’s biggest cities so behind the times?

The Five-Year Plan for Mobile Technology

If the thought of spending a day without your smartphone makes you break out in cold sweats, you may be more than interested in knowing what the next few years in mobile technology will bring. Check out this article for a sneak peek at the major changes coming to mobile phones.

Android Can Surpass the iPhone

In the battle between iOS and Android, Google has been making consistent moves while Apple seems to be lagging behind. Will these moves result in Android becoming the world’s dominant smartphone OS, or is Apple’s stranglehold on all things tech too big to overcome?

3G Coverage: The Networks Are Letting Us Down

Mistakes have been made with the 3G mobile Internet in North America leading to cities receiving favorable signal strength, reach and quality, and all the signs are that the same mistakes will be made with 4G. It’s not like people outside of the cities own mobile phones, is it…?