Review Of WorldMate Live Application

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Main Features

  • Itinerary
  • Hotel Booking
  • Weather
  • Social Connections
  • World Clocks
  • Currency Converter
  • World Map

Premium Features

  • Flight Schedules
  • Flight Status
  • Travel Directory

What Is WorldMate Live?

WorldMate Live is an application available for the Blackberry platform which allows immediate access to travel itineraries (that can also be shared with others), hotel booking and weather reports around the globe. It also helps Blackberry users keep track of possible connections to people they know in an area they may be traveling to. WorldMate Live features world clocks (Blackberry users can view up to five clocks at a time), worldwide currency converters and supplies users with a map of the world. Premium features (WoldMate Live offers an annual Gold Membership for $99.95 or a monthly Gold Membership for $9.95) include real time flight schedules, real time flight status and a travel directory.

The following interview with Blackberry user, Kevin J. gives an overview of the WorldMate Live application, its functions and its overall usefulness.

How long have you been using WorldMate Live on your Blackberry?

I’ve been using it for about 3 or 4 months now. I use it domestically and when I travel internationally.

In what ways is it useful to you domestically?

Well, it’s a great travel companion. But even when I’m not traveling, I can use it for everyday use for things like quick access to world clocks and currencies when I’m dealing with clients out of the country or if I just want to know, in general. If anyone is curious about the dollar value around the globe, WorldMate Live is very helpful.

Which Blackberry are you using and was it difficult to download WorldMate Live to your device?

I’m using the 8830 World Edition Blackberry and it wasn’t difficult at all to download. Actually, it was quite simple to install because I got an invite from a colleague. It’s a lot easier that way. I didn’t have to go online to search for it; I just had to click on the invite when I received it. It only took me about 30 seconds to download. I’m using the free version instead of the gold version.

Have you used it out of the country yet and how useful was it?

Yes, I used it on my Blackberry in Dubai, UAE. It worked pretty well, for the same reasons I’ve already mentioned. It has an itinerary function that I understand is very useful, but I didn’t really use it on my last trip. The world map is pretty cool too. Also, it shows the weather around the world. It’s a great function for preparing to travel to the other side of the world.

If you had to pick one favorite benefit, what would it be?

The world clock.

Have you identified any drawbacks?

Not really a drawback, but maybe certain functions that I can’t use without signing up for the gold membership.

Is there any room for improvement?

Yes. I’d like it to have more currency converters where you could input more than just two countries at a time.

Would you recommend WorldMate Live to other Blackberry users?

Absolutely, especially if you deal in any business, or associate with other people, from a global perspective. Even if it’s just having friends or family in other places…especially out of the country, WorldMate Live is a pretty cool application to have on your Blackberry.