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Baby Go!

Letter activities are free with

“Baby GO!” by Zeebu Mobile offers a variety of activities for your toddler. She can have the letters and numbers said to her, in the English language, as she presses the buttons on your BlackBerry. You can also download the game “Winter Holiday Fun” and designate where you would like it saved on your phone, such as to the SD card, to free up the memory on your BlackBerry. “Winter Holiday Fun” shouts out the name of a holiday item that begins with the letter that is pressed. Click here for “Baby GO!” for your BlackBerry!

Super Baby Go!

Upgrade to the paid version, “Super Baby GO!” for $5.99, to enjoy all of the activities that come with “Baby GO!” and more. Click here for “Super Baby GO!” for your BlackBerry! Super



“Super Baby Go!” is the ultimate app for your toddler, as it will occupy your child’s time when you can’t. Super Baby Go offers several activities in English, French, Italian and Spanish to accommodate your language preference. Activities offered include, letter activities, number activities, phonetic activities and animal activities that you can download and save to your phone or SD card for your convenience.


Toddlers seem to crave what they cannot have, especially if it’s in the possession of mom or dad, and one of those things is your BlackBerry! Up until now, you wouldn’t even think of giving your inquisitive toddler, your precious BlackBerry, but rest assured, it’ll be worth it. “Baby GO!” occupies your toddler’s time with age appropriate activities and shouts out letters and numbers as they are pressed on the keypad of your phone.

Has she ever called a number you wish she hadn’t or sent an email to your boss of gibberish at the crack of dawn? The “Baby GO!” app locks the keys so phone calls aren’t made and messages aren’t sent. You even have the option of sending your incoming calls to voicemail to avoid an accidental answering of the phone when the activities are played. Lock

BlackBerry for Baby

Being in a situation where you’re busy is a circumstance you’re all too familiar with, and it’s always during these times when your baby wants your attention the most. Hand her your BlackBerry and she’ll be entertained for hours with educational activities that are stimulating and engaging rather than time-wasting and senseless. “Baby GO!” will keep your child entertained and hold their attention for hours with an assortment of activities to choose from, depending on what she is in the mood for.

“Baby GO!” is the ultimate app for your 0-3 year old and will keep her entertained while you can’t. The app is definitely worth downloading as it is both educational and stimulating for your toddler, all while getting a chance to play with your phone!