AnswerLite. Yahoo! Answers Delivered Right To Your Blackberry Smartphone

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Encyclopedias are so passé! Now you can get all the relevant information to your burning questions and solve all your queries using your BlackBerry. The best part is that you don’t need to navigate all the way to a website like Yahoo Answers through your native browser. As the AnswerLite application accesses the Yahoo!(tm) answers service directly and finds answers to your questions as answered by other Internet users.

Here’s quick look at the feature set:

  • Immediately search your question by typing into the application.
  • Customize your searches by relevance, results etc.
  • Support for Wi-Fi.
  • Ability to browse through categories.
  • Email the question along with the answers to your friends.

Basic Usage (5 out of 5)

As soon as you open the application, you are greeted by the “Question” tab where you can type in their query. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the question is, you will get an answer in most cases!


Before typing in my query, I decided to play around with the “ Search Settings” option. In this section I came across choices that included; “Number of results to retrieve”, “Sort Results By” and “Search For.” In the first two options I added “20” and “relevance” respectively.

In the “Search For” options, I had choices like “All Questions”, “Resolved Questions”, “Open Questions” and “Undecided Questions.”

screenshot 1

I opted for the first option and now proceeded to test out the application. I typed one of the most important questions ever posed by womankind i.e. “How should I apply my concealer”? Okay, so maybe I made the question a little vague and was bombarded by answers ranging from the useful to the useless. However I must admit I was extremely happy with the results as one of the many dilemmas of my life seemed to be solved!

Then I asked “ how to get free Wi-Fi in Paris” and once again found some really useful answers. The application was quick and not once did my BlackBerry Bold freeze or lag as answers were searched.

You’ll also notice in the screenshot above that when a question is asked, all of the possible questions that match the search query are shown, users then click on the “view details” section to check the question they want to reveal, it couldn’t be any more simple.

Verdict (5 out of 5)

screenshot 5

I highly recommend the AnswerLite application. The program is absolutely free and even the sponsored messages are out of the way and not pesky. I especially liked that I could get instant answers to all my queries. The application ran smoothly on my phone and hence this one is definitely an application I’ll keep on my Smartphone.