Color ID For BlackBerry: Assign LED Lights for Your Incoming Messages and Calls

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Determining who’s calling you or sending messages when your phone is in silent mode can be accomplished using Color ID, a Blackberry Application that allows users to assign different LED colors to all of their callers. Keep reading to learn more about this somewhat useful application.

Overall Use (3 out of 5)

The basic setup found on Color ID is fairly basic in terms of graphics, featuring a simple text entry screen that allows users to set the options found on the application.

Here’s a basic look at Color ID’s main entry screen:


I was able to simply enter the name of my contact, their email address and their phone numbers all from the same screen. I liked these options as they allowed me to place multiple pieces of contact information for a single individuals. I could also create ‘business’ and ‘personal’ information for the same individuals so I would know if they were emailing or calling me from their home or workplaces.

You’ll also notice that there are two “color” choices to make. There are a variety of colors to choose from: Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Red, White or none.

The program also syncs with the Blackberry address book which makes adding contact LED indicators extremely simple.

Once the colors are set the device then displays those colors via the frontside LED Indicator, making it simple to determine who’s sending you messages and if those messages are business or personal in nature.

Here’s an example of the pink indicator:


Here’s an example of the Blue Indicator:


I personally found that using 4 colors was the best way to optimize the program. I could set Blue for business calls, orange for business emails, pink for personal calls and yellow for personal messages. Although users can choose to use the 9 colors in any sequence they choose.

The program is available for free via the Blackberry App World, however you will have to pay if you want to use it on more than 2 contacts. I suggest you give it a try first and then upgrade if you like the functionality of the application.


Color-ID is an extremely simple application to use thanks to an intuitive user screen that takes about 10 seconds to setup. The integration with my Blackberry address book also made finding contacts for use with the application extremely simple.

The application is a good option, if like me you want to separate business calls and messages from personal calls and messages, then this application is a great route to take.

Unfortunately over 100 users via the App World have complained about issues with the program, including LED lights that won’t turn off during use, complete incompatibility with certain devices and freezing issues. Sure enough after two days of use my device wouldn’t scroll through options leading me to believe that it may be too buggy to take seriously.

I ranked the application 3/5 as it worked for my own needs. However it lost the remaining two points due to consumer issues which have been commented on various times by various users.