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Drug Databases (5 out of 5)

With literally thousands of drugs on the market it’s important that nurses have access to information about all of them and with Nursing Central they do! This app offers over 5,000 brand name and generic drug database entries, including over 60,000 entries regarding those entries.

Once a drug is found nurses and doctors can then use that information to find conflicting medication alerts, journal entries about those drugs, and “See Related” sections that they can use to find more information regarding their patients treatments. While I am not a nurse I did consult with a nurse at my local hospital and they said the information provided was easy to navigate and offered good “Alternative” and other important patient treament information.

Nurses can also pull up a database of body parts and the symptoms their patients are showing, with that information they can then attempt to diagnose the patient’s illness and find drugs to help with their pain, I like to think of it as a “cheat sheet” that updates itself as new information becomes available.

The database also offers leading disease, drug, test and procedure information which makes it easier to actually apply the medications to the patients in the most effective way possible, this is a great option if a nurse or doctor is looking for medication application suggestions for a patient for a medication they may not use on a regular basis or if an alternative medicine is requested by a patient for whatever reason.

Nurses can also look up practical administration guidelines for medicines they are administering while receiving important Medline information as it becomes available.

The database also allows nurses to setup “Favorite Bookmarks” which can be useful for the most popular drugs they may be administering or for topics of interest that may lead to more “Education” about those drugs.

Essentially the drug databases don’t just allow for simple drug information look ups, they also give users access to constantly updating information, administration practices for the medicines they are administering, and access to industry resources that can help them improve the way they assist their patients in the short and long term. The nursing app even allows users to pull up test results to find information about treatments and other information that may help nurses and patients alike.

Nursing Central isn’t cheap at $159.95 per year! However the constantly updating features found on the application make it worth every penny, while Wi-Fi and Data Connection connectivity options mean you can stay connected whether you’re at one hospital or you act as a travelling nurse.

Check out Nursing Central Today and your job will only become that much easier. This application is also available for iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm users as well. What are you waiting for? Make your job easier today!

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