Review of the Case Mate Privacy Screen Pro For Blackberry

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The Case Mate Privacy Screen Pro offers security by blocking the display from any viewpoint that is in an angle more than 45 degrees, horizontally or vertically, from the center of the display. If you are like me, you will find a certain level of benefits from this device. I don’t handle super-secret CIA emails or visit embarrassing websites on my Blackberry. But, that doesn’t mean that I want anyone around me to read all the gossip I am sharing about my co-workers. For that reason alone, I was very excited about the thought of shielding my screen so that my emails aren’t compromised by anyone in the close viewing area.

Design and Installation

The screen comes in between two thin pieces of cardboard. The screen is only 2 x 1.6 inches and very thin. It looks like a piece of thin tinted film. In the packaging is a piece of graph paper that is used to fit the film over the Blackberry screen. Before even starting the process of trying to install the item, the Blackberry screen must be cleaned with the cloth that comes with the package. An application card, another piece of thin cardboard, is also included to remove any air bubbles that may develop when trying to fit the film over the device screen. Very easy to follow directions come along with the item. I found the installation to be very easy and mess free.


· No dimming or darkening of the screen

· Provides crystal clear access to the screen while also providing privacy

· Easy to install and doesn’t have any left over residue on the screen

· Static cling design is very practical

· Easy cleaning instructions


· Can fit many models of Blackberry

· Protects the display while providing privacy

· Easy to install

· Easy to remove and don’t leave sticky residue

· Effective and works as advertised

· Inexpensive


· Corners can’t be fixed once it peels

· Slightly decreases the clarity of the screen


I initially thought the device would make my screen too dark because of the darkness of the film. I didn’t want anything that would jeopardize the viewing of my screen. After installing it, I was pleased to find that the screen was only darkened at certain angles. So, I was still able to view my screen with only a little less clarity. I do have to say that the corners of the screen peeled easily and were not able to be fixed. After that, the screen was basically unusable because I am the type of person who doesn’t like the look of raggedy edges hanging off my cell phone.

The product was only $14.95, which is a deal. It was very easy to remove and I didn’t have to worry about that sticky residue that other products leave. Overall, it is a good product with an interesting concept.