Freedom Universal Bluetooth Keyboard Review For Blackberry Devices

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The Freedom Universal Bluetooth Keyboard is a device that connects to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth. The keyboard is optional for when lots of typing is done, especially when sending emails and text messages. It works as an alternative to using the small keypad on the BlackBerry and saves users from the pain of constantly using.

The keyboard is very handy and is the size of a regular laptop keyboard. The device uses 2 AAA batteries and connects wireless to the BlackBerry device. It is very easy to carry around with you in a very small case. With batteries installed, it only weighs about 7 ounces.


These specifications and information comes right from the manufacturer:

· Compatibility - More than 200 devices with Bluetooth connectivity and a supported operating system of BlackBerry 4.0 or higher

· Power - Requires 2x AAA Batteries

· Battery life - Up to 80 hrs continuous operation or 2000 hours in standby mode

· Keys - ISO standard full size QWERTY keyboard; 5 rows of 65 keys plus one rubber key. Key pitch is 18mm horizontal x 17.2mm vertical. Key distance is 2.3mm

· Device Stand - Folds out, holds all stand PDA/Phone models

· Bluetooth - Broadcom 2040 Bluetooth chip, compliance is Bluetooth Core Spec, V1.2, frequency range is 2.400 GHz. Distance is up to 10 m.

· Size - 285 x 98.5 x 13.5mm opened and 145 x 98.5 x 19.5mm closed

· Weight - 7 oz. with batteries


The Freedom Universal Keyboard is very practical and impressive. The device comes with a removable tray for housing the BlackBerry while typing. The size of the keyboard and the fact that it is foldable make it very portable and easy to store. The keys are sturdy and comfortable. Users don’t get that awkward feeling while using it; it is a very comfortable fit for the device.


· The size makes it very user-friendly

· Serves as an alternative to the very small BlackBerry keyboard

· Can fold and store in a case

· Very portable and can easily be carried around in a bag or pocket

· Compatible for many BlackBerry devices

· Customizable keys for shortcuts to most used applications


· Doesn’t work as well with all applications

· Can’t use the keyboard with more than two devices

· Not very good instructional manual so you will have to learn the functionality on your own

Verdict (3 out of 5)

The keyboard is around $100, so it is very pricey. As mentioned in the cons, it is not compatible with all applications and you can’t use it for shortcut keys for browsing the internet. However, it is very convenient for people who have pain from trying large amounts of email from their BlackBerry.