Review Of The ESPN Launcher For Blackberry

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I’m Not Even A Sports Fan, But…

Being that I’m not a huge sports fan (heck, I’m not even a slight sports fan), the ESPN Launcher was probably the last icon I ever thought I’d add to my Blackberry Curve. However, since my husband is a sports lover and often has me checking scores on my Blackberry browser, it made perfect sense for me to download the ESPN Launcher for quick and easy access to the ESPN mobile site.

Even for a non-sports fan like myself, I have to admit that the launcher is convenient and easy to use. Instead of opening my Blackberry browser and navigating to the ESPN site to check for game scores, I can now simply click on the familiar, bright red “E” icon on my Blackberry home screen and my browser will automatically open on the site.

What Does The ESPN Launcher Offer?

Once I’ve logged on, there’s a full menu of sports links for NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB and NHL scores, stories and favorite teams (including fantasy football teams). When checking sports scores, I’ve discovered that I can either manually check for scores each time I log on or I can set the site to automatically update scores every 15 or 30 seconds. It’s also really cool that if I’m checking on a particular game, I can close the Blackberry browser and when I come back again, the ESPN Launcher will take me back to the same page I was on for the same game information instead of making me select the game again from the main menu.

Installation Is Easy

The Launcher icon took less than 30 seconds to install on my Blackberry Curve and there was nothing to configure once the download was complete. (NOTE TO BES USERS: Some IT policies may not support an installation of the ESPN Launcher. If you have problems installing it on your Blackberry, this may very well be the reason why.) I did notice that the site will also give sports scores in Spanish, however, I don’t know if there is any extra configuration when using it in another language.

This One’s A Winner

So, the next time we’re speeding along the freeway and I’m asked to broadcast the latest sports scores from my passenger seat, thanks to the ESPN Launcher and my Blackberry, I’m more than ready to rise to the occasion. The convenience of the ESPN Launcher gets a great big thumbs up from me!