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The initial Documents To Go BlackBerry App that is pre-installed on your mobile is usually the trial version, but do not be alarmed because this trial version is fully equipped to open and display your documents. You will notice three familiar applications if you are already familiar with Microsoft Office. These three applications are Word, Excel and Power Point. They are generally found in the application folder within your BlackBerry’s main menu. The Word application will be seen as Word To Go, the Excel document will be seen as Sheet To Go and the Power Point application will be seen as Slideshow to Go, but despite their different names, they pretty much operate in the same fashion as the Microsoft Office counterparts on your PC.

Using Documents To Go

Sheet To Go Document

When you are sent a file, whether through your email or some other medium, you will be able to open the corresponding file type with one of these applications. You will also be able to edit and save these files and email them to a correspondent if you wish. Each Word file that you have saved on your device and have recently used will be accessible through your Word To Go application. Once you select the app, it will generate the list of all your Word files and all you need to do is to scroll to the particular file that you wish to open and select it. The same goes for both the Excel and the Power Point BlackBerry applications. If the file that you wish to open is not in that list, simply select the “Open a file” tab at the top and navigate to where the file that you wish to open is stored. With the premium version, you will also be able to manipulate PDF files.

Upgrading to the Premium Version

Slideshow To Go Document

As mentioned before, the Documents To Go BlackBerry application that is pre-installed is limited, but you can upgrade to the premium version at any time. You can upgrade from right there within a file by selecting the menu button to load the available options. Within those options, you will notice two choices including “activate premium edition” and “try premium features”. If you have already paid for the premium version and would like to now activate it on your mobile, then you can select the first option to complete the activation process. If not, you can select the second option which will bring you to a page that gives you two new options of buying the premium version there and then, or to try the premium features for 30 days before making your decision.

Premium Documents To Go BlackBerry Features

Word To Go Document

With the premium version of Word To Go, you can now create a new document, add advanced characters and formatting, create and edit tables, add bullets and numberings, get a word count, perform a spell check etc. The Premium version of Sheet To Go will now allow, creation of new spreadsheets, more cell formatting, number formatting and sorting, auto functions, including Sum, Avg, Min, etc. The premium version of Slideshow To Go will now allow the creation of new presentations, the insertion of new slides and new bullets, the duplication of slides etc.


While it may seem that everything is reserved for the premium account that is really not the case. You may be surprised at the number of things you can accomplish with the version that is pre-installed on the device. However, if you wish to purchase the premium version and you are unable to do so straight from your BlackBerry, you can also make the upgrade at Blackberry Appworld for only $14.99.