Useful BlackBerry Curve 8530 Tricks

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Along with being a powerful tool for business and personal use the BlackBerry Curve has a vast number of features and an extensive menu system. Sometimes learning some tricks and shortcuts can make using a smartphone more efficient and effective. Here are some BlackBerry Curve 8530 tricks.

Phone Shortcuts

Checking voicemail, receiving calls and forwarding are just a few of the tasks accomplished on BlackBerry Curves daily. Here are a few tips to make these tasks a bit easier.

  1. Many BlackBerry users press *86 and press send to get their voicemail. Did you know that this can also be done by pressing and holding the 1 key?
  2. If your phone is holstered and an incoming call needs to be forwarded to voicemail, press and hold the “volume down” key on the right side of the phone.
  3. When dialing a phone number that requires an extension and the extension is known, press the Alt key and the X key, then type the extension number.
  4. Here is a simple way to use speakerphone while on a call. When you want to use speakerphone press the speaker phone key located on the lower right of the keyboard (same key as the $).

Typing Shortcuts

The BlackBerry Curve is great for emails and texting. Here are some methods to simplify some common typing tasks.

  1. Pressing the space key twice will insert a period and the next letter will automatically be capitalized.
  2. To capitalize a letter press and hold that letter key and it will automatically capitalize.
  3. To turn on the num lock feature; press the alt + left shift keys. To turn off num lock press the shift key.
  4. Turning on the caps lock feature is like the num lock feature only press the alt + right shift key, press the shift key to turn off.

Here are some other tips for working with text and emails.

  1. To highlight text, press the shift key and roll your finger over the mouse to move the curse down the line of text.
  2. If you decide not to delete or change this text you can remove the highlighting by pressing the esc key.

Messaging tips

Text messaging is a popular form of communication using a BlackBerry Curve. Here are some tips for making your messaging sessions a bit simpler and quicker.

  1. To reply to a message, press the R key.
  2. To forward a message, press the F key.
  3. Viewing sent messages is as simple as pressing the Alt + O keys.
  4. If you wish to move to the top of your message list quickly press the T key.
  5. To move to the bottom of the message list press the B key.

Using Convenience Keys

Convenience keys are the buttons on the side of the BlackBerry Curve. These buttons can be programmed to perform certain functions like, turning on the camera, launching an application and others.

To program a convenience key, click your Options icon on the Home Screen, select Screen/Keyboard and scroll down to the Convenience Key fields. Then open the subsequent drop down menu and select the application you wish to set.

These and many more options are available as BlackBerry Curve 8530 tricks. Try these out and see if they dont make your BlackBerry usage more productive.