How to Unlock your BlackBerry: Website Unlock Codes & BlackBerry Unlock Software

How to Unlock your BlackBerry: Website Unlock Codes & BlackBerry Unlock Software
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Your phone is locked, meaning that the phone is restricted to a particular cellular service provider. BlackBerry phones are sold by various service providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Verizon, and more. These service provides offer discounts in order to attract customers. They lose money in every sale, but they make up the lost profit over the lifetime of the contract. To make up the profit, they attach a subsidy lock into each BlackBerry phone. This subsidy lock is responsible for restricting the phone from using another service.

To unlock the phone, the first step is to contact your service provider. They may help you to unlock the phone; however, you have to fulfill their requirements. They may allow you to unlock if you have crossed a certain time period as their customer, and you have paid your account. Most of the service providers allow you to unlock the phone without paying a penny.

Plenty of websites are providing free unlock codes and software for the BlackBerry phone. if you want to unlock the phone using an unlock code then you should prefer paid websites. They will provide you the appropriate unlock code that will work properly. Some of the best websites are given below.

Best Websites to Unlock BlackBerry

**BlackBerry phone**

This website provides the unlock codes for each and every model of BlackBerry. Separate links are provided for every model. You only need to click on the particular link of the model. They will show you the whole process. The cost differs based on the service provider you are using. You will see the cost of their service while filling in the name of the service provider.

This website offers unlock codes for BlackBerry phones. They will ask you for the IMEI number and the name of the service provider. You will need to pay $9.99 for their service. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee if the unlock code does not work.

This is another good website but the service cost is a little high. They are also offering a 100% money back guarantee if the unlock code fails. They send the code to your email account within 24 hours.


To get the IMEI number, you have to remove the battery of the phone. Carefully remove the battery after switching the phone off. The websites will ask you for the IMEI number, the model of the phone, the name of the service provider, and your cell phone number. When you submit all the information, they will send you the unlock code through email. After getting the unlock code, switch your current SIM to the desired SIM card. Due to the change in the service provider, the phone will ask you to type the unlock code. Type it, and you will see your phone unlocked.

Best BlackBerry Unlock Software

Universal Simlock Remover

Universal Simlock Remover

This is one of the best BlackBerry unlock software options that unlocks almost all models of the phone. Furthermore, it is easy to use, and you can download it without any charge. This software contains tested and working solutions for any model of BlackBerry.

How to Use

  • Download the software to your computer.
  • Install the software.
  • Connect your BlackBerry to your computer using USB cable.
  • Start the software.
  • You will see the list of the models on the left menu of the software interface.
  • Browse to the model of your phone; you will see all the information, descriptions, and instructions regarding unlocking your BlackBerry phone.
  • Follow the instructions to unlock the phone.


The ability to unlock your phone is available in plenty of websites and there is the BlackBerry unlock software option; however, the process is a little risky. The service provider may cancel the warranty you have, and your phone may be harmed if you aren’t careful.

When you unlock your phone, you will get the freedom of choosing your desired service provider, anywhere and any time. You can make cheaper calls, and download new applications.