What is BlackBerry Browser Push?

What is BlackBerry Browser Push?
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Browser Push

Push is a technology that allows users to receive notifications to their BlackBerry devices without having to change or alter settings in order to do so. Mobile devices which operate on wireless networks are often slow and costly due to the need for Wi-Fi and LAN networks. BlackBerry browser push helps to reduce the amount of network usage by allowing users to receive content without having to unnecessarily request it.

Push Technology

Push technology has three main components which enable it to work efficiently:

1. A push initiator is located on the server. This allows content to be ‘pushed’ to the handheld device whenever new information is present.

2. Then a push enabled application receives this information and displays it for users to see.

3. Lastly, a PPG, or Push Proxy Gateway uses the initiator to tell when to deliver content and alerts the user of the new information.

BlackBerry Push technology usually comes in the form of Java based applications or widget applications. The BlackBerry Browser also has a built-in push option and as a result does not need any additional development from client-side applications.

BlackBerry Browser Push

Blackberry Browser Push enabled settings

So, what is BlackBerry browser push? BlackBerry browser push is a web application which pushes information to a BlackBerry handheld as information avails itself. Updates can include weather forecasts, breaking news and stock quotes. Once an update has been received a notification appears on the messages tab or an icon on the device’s standby screen which changes every time new information is pushed to the device. Information can also be pushed to the cache folder within your browser, which means that a BlackBerry device can still receive push content while it is not connected to a wireless connection. BlackBerry browser push can be turned off at any time.

Most BlackBerry devices can support several different kinds of browser push messages. Both service indication and service loading messages may include ‘pushed’ information. These also consist of any messages which may route in the cache folder as well.

Benefits of BlackBerry Browser Push

There are many benefits to BlackBerry browser push:

1. Information is sent to the device immediately which allows users access to current content quickly. Images, text and audio is ‘pushed’ instantly to millions of BlackBerry devices at the same time. As a result every BlackBerry user across the globe, once push technology is on, receives the same information at the same time.

2. BlackBerry browser push is more efficient as users receive instant updates on weather, stocks and even sport scores. This keeps BlackBerry smartphone users in the know at all times.

3. Push technology also allows BlackBerry smartphones to have a longer battery life. BlackBerry browser push uses minimal power while it constantly sends updates to the device. This technology works in the background waiting for new information to develop instead of actively checking the server which can consume battery power.

BlackBerry browser push technology has become the key ingredient in efficient BlackBerry usage. Users are able to stay in the know about every aspect of life, whether it be receiving instant updates on news, weather, sports, traffic and any other content this technology supports.