Find the Best Rated BlackBerry Task Manager

Find the Best Rated BlackBerry Task Manager
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Just10Minutes - Task Manager and To-Do List (4 out of 5)

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Just10Minutes is an efficient BlackBerry task manager that will positively improve any BlackBerry mobile phone. It allows users to organize, list and complete tasks with its easy-to-use interface and stylish design. This productivity management app makes it easier to finish an important task especially if slated for a prolonged period of time. Just10Minutes helps users to finish tasks by allowing them to work for 10 minutes then take 2 minute breaks in between. This allows people to regroup and tackle their task without exhaustion or the urge to procrastinate.

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This BlackBerry task manager features a collapsible task list and the ability to merge with the BlackBerry’s native task app. Users can group their tasks into categories and assign a pleasant tone to alert them to the work or break period. For only $3.99 this application can be purchased at

got-2Pro Task and Schedule Management (4 out of 5)

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The got-2Pro Task and Schedule Manager is an easy-to-use task integration application which allows users to merge their BlackBerry task list and calendar into one application. The got-2Pro BlackBerry task manager features a reminder alert system which alarms at a scheduled time or place using a GPS locator. The got-2Pro is one of the best rated BlackBerry task manager applications because of its efficient task system. It establishes a hierarchical relationship between appointments and tasks in order for users to organize and complete their most important tasks. The got-2Pro costs $8.99 and can be downloaded at

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ActionPad - Memo Manager for Pros (4 out of 5)

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ActionPad is a BlackBerry task manager application which replaces the MemoPad. It allows users to access their memos more quickly and efficiently. It also encrypts memos and information for added security. It features a search option for locating memos by title or content, a 1-click category switch which operates by switching categories by a simple press of the spacebar, Hotkeys which jump from page to page using a simple keystroke and a share memo option for sending memos via Email or SMS.

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This BlackBerry task manager also features PC synchronization and integration of BlackBerry’s native applications. At only $4.99, the ActionPad application can be purchased at

File Manager Pro - Zip and File Utility (4 out of 5)

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File Manager Pro is one of the most popular and best rated BlackBerry task manager applications available. It allows users to organize and manage their packages and archived files with ease. it allows users to do several tasks that no other BlackBerry task manager app allows. Users can unzip or extract archived files in their email and then edit them in BlackBerry’s native Doc app. It can zip or compress multiple files or folders and send them as an email attachment. Users can search through thousands of files and sort them using File Manager Pro’s advanced features. It also features several editing tools including, Find and Replace, Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, Spell Check, Zoom and Send options. This efficient BlackBerry app can be purchased for $4.99 and downloaded at

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ToDoMatrix Professional - Task Management (5 out of 5)

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ToDoMatrix is a BlackBerry task manager which provides high quality task management for BlackBerry smartphones. This is one of the best rated BlackBerry task manager applications as it allows users to manage an unlimited amount of tasks, to-do lists and projects in one very easy to use interface and application. It also enables users to track their assigned tasks and stay on schedule with due dates and deadlines. It features a flexible reminder system, alerts, categories, dates and priority listings.

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This BlackBerry task manager is perfect for professional individuals who are constantly juggling tasks and assignments and need an application which can organize them more efficiently. The ToDoMatric application costs $59.99 and can be purchased at


These are some of the most commonly used BlackBerry task manager apps available at BlackBerry’s app world. They enable users to keep on track with scheduled tasks thanks to useful features and additions which make task management easy and effective.