How to Block Calls on BlackBerry

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Block Calls

As technology continues to develop over the years, RIM uses that technology in the multiple models of BlackBerry smartphones they release to the public. Learning how to block calls on BlackBerry smartphones is a very simple process and will not take a lot of your time. All you need is the phone number you wish to block and your smartphone. A BlackBerry smartphone can help you block unwanted calls from almost anyone that you wish. This includes telemarketers, former employees, former friends, family members and even all personal calls in the event that the phone is your business phone. You do not need an application to block the undesired phone calls on your BlackBerry smartphone since these phones come with a built-in option in the address book.

Blocking Phone Calls with your BlackBerry

Turn your BlackBerry smartphone on and click on the Address Book icon. Once the address book has loaded, click the menu button (which is the group of BlackBerries on your phone). When the menu appears click on the ‘Manage Numbers’ option in that menu. Now you must click on the ‘Block List’ option that appears. You can now either click on ‘Ok’ or ‘Yes’ to access the block list that is inside your address book.

You can do one of two things when adding a number to a BlackBerry block list; adding a contact already in your address book to the list or adding a phone number to the block list that is not in your address book. If you want to add a contact already in your address book you should do the following:

Click on option for ‘Contacts’ or ‘Recent Contacts’ in the block list menu. A check box will appear next to every contact in your address book. Check the box of the contact or contacts in your address book you wish to add to the block list. Now you can select the ‘Yes’ option to confirm your selections. Once you have finished you must click the ‘Menu’ key and then scroll to the ‘Save’ option to make sure the contacts have been added to your block list.

Now, if you would like to add a brand new number to your phone’s block list, the following options should be followed:

An option for ‘Number’ or ‘Unknown Numbers’ will appear on the block list menu. You have two options here; typing in the number you wish to have blocked or checking the box next to the number in your recent call log. You can enter multiple numbers at one time using this option as well. Once all of the numbers have been entered, click on ‘Menu’ and then click on ‘Save’ to make sure all of the numbers have been added to the phone’s block list.

And that’s how to block calls on BlackBerry.