How Do I Delete Sent Messages from My BlackBerry While Keeping My Desktop Intact? - A How To Guide To Managing BlackBerry Messages

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It is a nuisance, to say the least, to have the sent messages pile up on your BlackBerry. You may have tried unsuccessfully to delete them one-by-one but they also seem to vanish from your desktop email client. Well, there is a trick you can do to fix this that only takes a moment at first to set up, but is really quick to maintain.

The first thing you need to do is navigate to your messages. Activate the search function by using the trackwheel to select it. Scroll down until you see the “Show from Sent’ option. Change this to “Sent Only”. Scroll down once again and change the Type to “Email” from the default setting of “All”. Save your changes using the trackwheel to click ‘Save’.

What you just did was setting the email client to search for all of your sent messages. After the program is finished pulling them up, you can delete them all without touching your desktop. Just highlight the most recent date and click on ‘Delete Prior’.

After the first time, you will want to do regular maintenance so that the sent messages do not pile up again. It is really simple after the first time. All you have to do is press Alt-A while in the messages to view the sent only items. Click ‘Delete Prior’ and it is done. This is all you have to do from now on to delete your sent messages all at one time while keeping your desktop intact.

I generally do this exercise once a month. For users who send a great deal of email, you may want to schedule to clean out these items once a week. Remember that holding on to old and unwanted sent items takes up space on your BlackBerry that can be used for other things. On a side note, don’t try to cut any corners while doing these steps. You will only mess something up, or delete something that you were trying to keep.