Top Ballistics Software for BlackBerry

Top Ballistics Software for BlackBerry
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Ballistics Software for BlackBerry

You may be out in the field and really need some ballistic help. Well, if you have your BlackBerry on you, help is just a few key-presses away. Some people actually lug their computer around with them for this purpose when they are going shooting, but wouldn’t it be simpler to use a phone that is usually brought on the journey anyway? Below are a few ballistics software for BlackBerry options. Choose one to use on your BlackBerry so that you have a better chance of hitting that target.

GunSim Ballistics Software for BlackBerry (5 out of 5)

gunsim logo

The GunSim Application is not currently found on BlackBerry App world, but the GunSim Company has created a Ballistics App specifically for BlackBerry smartphones. You can set the left “Convenience key” on your BlackBerry to automatically load the ballistics program when you need it. To do this, simply visit Options from within your BlackBerry menu, then scroll through the Options menu to Screen/Keyboard. Select it and scroll down to the Convenience Keys listing. You have left and right, scroll to the left and select the option that it currently opens, you will then see a list of items that can be assigned to that key; select the GunSim application and save.

Gunsim Ballistic calculator

Gumsim Calculator

Before you even take out your rifle to start shooting, you should go ahead and input the details into the Ballistic calculator, details which will more than likely remain constant; info such as Bullet Diameter, Muzzle velocity etc.

In the actual Gunsim calculator, not the Ballistics, you will enter other needed information including, the Range or Yard, Uphill Angle if any, Wind Speed in MPH and so on. These details will often change while you are shooting. The good thing is that you do not need to press a calculate button whenever you update the information, it will auto calculate as you type in the info, so you can really do this with just one hand if you need to.

There are 9 different numbers or calculations to pay attention to, these include; the elevation, distance, velocity, windage, etc. Wind calculations, elevation and lead can be viewed in both scope clicks and inches or you can choose to view MOA and Millimetres which you can set from the options menu of the app.

Gunsim Advanced

The Known Distance on the screen will tell you how many millimeters or MOA that a target distance is, based on your specified number. For instance, if the target distance was 24 across, that would be approximately 4MOA, you will come up about 2 MOA or 8 clicks depending on your settings and that makes this feature great for come-ups and range-finding. You can Purchase GunSim Ballistics Software for BlackBerry for only $8.99.

Ballistics Calculator (3 out of 5)

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Ballistic calculator

The Ballistic Calculator Ballistics Software for BlackBerry can be found in BlackBerry App World and it is aimed at helping you to calculate the ballistic coefficient of a bullet by inputting certain information, such as; the diameter of the bullet, how much the bullet weighs and the shape of the bullet.

Ballistic calculator; Calculate Ballistic Coeficient

This app will also provide you with estimates on the velocity, the Range, Wind Drift, Time of Flight, Total Drop and even the remaining energy, but this will all be based on the info that you put into the application.

This version was released in December of 2009 as Version 1.0, with a file size of only 23KB. You can Download Ballistics Calculator from BlackBerry App World for only $3.99, support for the app is also offered via [email protected]

Ballistics Free (4 out of 5)

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Ballistics free ballistics data

Ballistics Free is the only free ballistics software for BlackBerry that can be found on BlackBerry App World. It is probably the only free ballistics software for BlackBerry anywhere because these BlackBerry ballistic apps are so few and far between.

Ballistics free constant data

This ballistic app, however, is made to be real simple with only the aim of providing a calculator to provide projectile velocity, projectile drop and wind computations. These computations will of course be done after certain information has been input into the required fields. The computation and corrections will be made based on the weight of the projectile or bullet, the current conditions of the atmosphere and of course, the distance that the projectile needs to travel.

Ballistics free Environment Data

Ballistics free projectile data

This free version is sort of a beta, it is really a 60 day trial, but you still do not need to pay to have the restriction removed. All you would need to do, is to use the app for a while, note your likes, dislikes and bugs that you have discovered, then send your feedback to the providers of the app who will then send you a key to unlock the restrictions and make it a full open app.

Ballistic Free Ballistic Data menu

Ballistic Free Constant data Metric

With that being said, they are not merely looking for people to provide ramblings, curses or just a bunch of unrealistic praises, they are looking for constructive criticism and feedback in order to upgrade the app and make it better. You can even recommend the addition of features that you think would make the app serve its purpose better.

This version was released on October 7th, 2009 as version 2.0 and has a file size of 106KB. You can Download Ballistics Free from BlackBerry App World and get your customer support from: [email protected]