Tips and Tricks for the BlackBerry Torch

Tips and Tricks for the BlackBerry Torch
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Power Saving

To get the most out of your battery consider whether you are using either the data or the wireless features is a good place to start. If you only use wireless services intermittently, to save your battery life, switch these off.

As for data settings, if it is used as a business phone, they may well be switched on permanently or you may have times, such as weekends, where you can save on battery and cost by switching data off.

To switch off wireless:

Browse to manage connections and uncheck the option for wireless.

To switch off data:

Browse to manage connections and under mobile network options ensure data is set to off.

The home screen and other menus now navigate left and right. You can get quick access to the following via the left and right navigation arrows:

  • Favourites
  • Media
  • Downloads
  • Frequent
  • All

You can personalize your home screen via options and display options. Under home screen options you can change the default download folder and background image.

Text and email are designated separate folders and to quickly see any changes you can navigate to the desktop folder.

Message categorization can also be set up under options, you can distinguish personal mail from business mail via colour and the email will have a subtle coloured border to indicate the difference.

Convenience Key

The convenience key is located on the right hand side of the phone, under the volume keys. This is set by default to be the camera but you can change this to whatever application you choose via:

  • Options.
  • Device.
  • Convenience key.


Saved message are now in a designated folder under applications. The tasks app also lives here, allowing you to schedule and assign to do lists and set reminders as well.

Voice dialling and files can also be accessed from this window.

The main screen all view holds a high percentage of social networking apps; you may want to keep these. If you don’t fancy all of these social network apps, navigate using the track pad to highlight the app you want to remove (don’t open it). Click on the options button, select hide from the pop-up menu.

The same steps can be taken to move and rearrange apps to create a personal view or to move items to folders.

You can also keep up-to-date with all your social networking and websites via RSS with the social feeds app. To trim the view you can open social feeds, from here you may select which apps are displayed on the home screen by going into options then display.


The touch screen is superior to prior models, caution is advised you should use only a light tap when navigating which will require re-training for those who had the experience of the prior technology employed by the Storm range.

The touch screen is highly responsive and is backed up by the slide keyboard.

To adjust the touch screen sensitivity select: options then typing and input. Under track pad sensitive, you can adjust the horizontal and vertical settings.