My BlackBerry Does Not Receive Exchange Email

My BlackBerry Does Not Receive Exchange Email
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Reasons why BlackBerry Does Not Receive Exchange Email

If you are still able to send messages and your personal identification number messaging is working fine, but the pending messages count on the Enterprise Server is not increasing, then you are most likely experiencing one of the issues that will be highlighted below. Check out these possible causes and follow the troubleshooting guide for the one that you think may be the root of your Exchange email troubles.

Filter Blocking

Recheck your filter settings, and remember that any changes can take up to 45 minutes to become effective. If possible, clean the filters entirely by: deleting all filters, change the default filter back to yes, and wait the 45 minute period. Check if your BlackBerry does not receive exchange email problem is corrected

Folder redirection not turned on

Check this setting by using the menu key and navigating to options and then to email settings, making sure that the message service is set to desktop. Then use the menu key again to select folder redirection and expand the mailbox to make sure that the inbox option is correctly selected.

Send email to handheld is not selected


Select the messages icon on your home screen and then press the menu key. In the list that populates, scroll down to Options and select it. In that list you will find Email Settings which is usually the second option from the top; select it. Select the send email to handheld option and change its setting from no to yes. Remember to save your settings.


Not subscribed to any folders that contain messages

The Enterprise Server polls these folders for new messages. If you look in your Novell GroupWise Quick Messages log file and see a line similar to this one:

[34057] (02/08 00:55:12):{0xF68} {39} {UserName} Subscribed Folders = 2: Mailbox, Sent Item

then go to messages on your home screen, and use the menu key to check the options for email settings. Click on folder redirection and make sure that you have selected the required folders.

Incorrect encryption key


If this is the case, you can check by going to options, security options, firewall. To solve this, go to options, security options, general settings, and scroll to services. Highlight the desktop line and press the menu key, so you can regenerate the encryption key. Then check if your BlackBerry does not receive exchange email problem is solved.

Interval for checking new email messages is not set to the current year (in the Novell GroupWise Quick Messages log)

Check the log file and look for a line similar to this one:

Check New: End (1/1), T=0, New=0, NewLM=31/10/2010 1:02:32 PM

In this case you’ll have to contact BlackBerry’s Tech Support in order to get the GWItemInfo tool. Run the tool from the Enterprise Server typing an item date set in the next day, as this should cover all items that are not in the present year. Now move these items to an offline folder or archive. End the GWCheckNew process to get back to normal functioning.

Last Resort

If you are still not able to rectify the problem after working through these troubleshooting techniques, then contact your enterprise administrator to get them to help you. However, chances are that your problem is outlined above along with its solution.