BlackBerry Tour User Guide: Homescreen, Email and Music

BlackBerry Tour User Guide: Homescreen, Email and Music
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BlackBerry Tour

This article is for use as a BlackBerry Tour user guide. The BlackBerry Tour comes equipped with 3G, GPS, and a 3.2 megapixel camera with video support. Communication support via MMS, SMS, email and instant messenger, as well as maps and an internet browser, are available to keep you in touch. The following BlackBerry Tour user guide shows some features that you can use to get the best out of the phone.

Organizing your Home Screen

To personalize your home screen, you can hide certain icons from view by removing unused or unnecessary icons. Simply select an icon, such as help, click on the options key and scroll down to hide.

Under the options key you can also rearrange icons and move the most frequently accessed applications to the first eight home screen slots. The options key offers the ability to create your own folders to add applications, games etc.

How to Separate Email Messages from SMS Messages


By default, both email and SMS messages are put into the same folder.

It can be easier and more pleasing on the eye to have a separate icon for SMS messages and another for email messages.

You can quickly change the setting by following these steps:

  • Open the messages folder.
  • Select options from the menu.
  • Choose general options.
  • Under SMS and email inboxes select separate.

Using the BlackBerry as a Music Player

You can transfer music to your handheld and play it via the BlackBerry’s music player. You can synchronise your iTunes or Windows Media Player music with your BlackBerry.

Once you connect your BlackBerry to your computer as a removable disk drive, you can copy across songs directly to your music folder.

Scroll to the Music icon, the library will need to load if the SD card is just inserted, and you can browse by music categories. BlackBerry supports the following audio formats:


The following keys provide shortcuts in using the music player:

  • Press N to play the next song in a category, P to play a previous song.
  • Pressing and holding the volume down key will play the previous track in a play list while holding the volume up will play the next track.

Accessing the BlackBerry as a Removable Disk


When you connect your BlackBerry to your computer, it will automatically be detected as removable media.

If it is not automatic:

  • Go to the options menu.
  • Scroll down to memory.
  • The first option, media card support, needs to be set to “on”.

Once you have connected the BlackBerry via the mini-USB connection, the BlackBerry folders are available to browse. It is possible to copy any music or picture files onto your PC.

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Setting up Email Using BES

To activate your email on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server you will need your email address plus a password allocated by your BES administrator.

  • Go to the options menu.
  • Select advanced options.
  • Choose enterprise activation.
  • Input your full email address plus the password given to activate your account.
  • Click on the BlackBerry options button and select activate.

Allow up to a half hour at least for all of the settings, (email, contacts, calendar etc) to synchronise with your BlackBerry. You can check on the status of each by visiting the enterprise activation screen which will report the percentage complete of each task.

Browser Tips

You can check your web mail, Gmail for example, via the built-in browser. The browser has a number of useful navigation features, here are some BlackBerry Tour tips for the browser:

  • Press H to return to the home page.
  • Press K to open your bookmark list, A to add a bookmark.
  • Press Y for a list of recently visited web pages.
  • Press I to zoom into the web page and O to zoom out.
  • Use T to move to the top of a web page and B to go to the bottom.
  • The escape key will stop a page from loading.

Calendar Tips

The following shortcuts can be used to quickly access and set up your calendar:

  • To create a new appointment click C.
  • To change the layout view to day, press D (W for week and M for month).
  • To see the next view, day, week or month, use the space key, to go back a day, use the shift and space keys.

Text and Typing

Here are some BlackBerry Tour tips to help you with text and typing. To highlight any text, you need to simply use the roller ball and scroll and use the shift key, the escape key will cancel any selection.

  • To cut text, use the shift key plus the delete key.
  • To copy text, use the alt key and click the track ball.
  • To paste text, use the shift key and click the track ball.

Hold down the key of the letter for a second or so to create a capital, pressing the space key twice inserts a period and capitalises the next letter.