Best BlackBerry Spy Software

Best BlackBerry Spy Software
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BlackBerry cell phone spy software apps can be used for both good and evil. They have powerful features that can be used to monitor phone activity and track the device’s location. In this article we will review some of the best BlackBerry spy software for hardcore espionage activities or for making sure that your family members are safe.


This BlackBerry app is marketed as a dream app for parents “whose kids have a Blackberry”, but if parents use this app to spy on their teenagers they will be praying for another app to repair their relationship should their teenager discover that the app is installed on their phone.

Protect - Blackberry Spy App

Protect will log and send both incoming and outgoing call data, as well as all sent and received text messages to a secret email address. You will be happy that you installed this app in the event that the phone is stolen though, in that you will be able to monitor nearly all the network activity of the phone without the user knowing it. Protect runs in the background and should go unnoticed by whoever is using the device, even after the phone is restarted. The app costs $29.95.

EmployeeTrack Pro

This BlackBerry spy software app has a full suite of features that will enable you to track incoming and outgoing phone calls, emails, text messages, and multimedia

 EmployeeTrack Pro

messages as well as the location of the phone. The app can also be set to send an activity log to you at whatever time interval you prefer, whether that be at the end of the day, at noon, every hour or on demand. For example, if you want a quick status update on the location of your bearer, to determine if you can reroute him to do another pickup, you can send his phone a secret text, this will cause the phone to send you a location and status update.

QR Code - EmployeeTrack Pro

While most employees won’t be too happy with their company knowing where they are at all times and what they are doing with the phone, they should be able to appreciate the security that this app enables. As an example, should the phone be lost or misplaced an administrator can take decisive action to secure any sensitive company data that may be stored on the device using Employee Track Pro.

The app costs a handsome $49.99, but this one time fee gives you lifetime access to all future updates and the app can be moved to a new phone without necessitating the purchase of a new key such as is required by other solutions.


QR Code - GuardianWare

This spy app isn’t just for keeping an eye on family members, it can also alert you when your loved ones are not where they should

Guardianware - BBM Espionage App

be. Here are a few scenarios that GuardianWare is designed to deal with:

  • Being aware when your teenager takes a drive outside the city limits you have set for him or her.
  • Get an alert as soon as your elderly parents reach home, or monitor their progress as they take a long drive home.
  • Monitor the route that your children’s new driver is using after picking them up from school and observe whether unnecessarily long stops are being taken, or if the driver is speeding or driving unusually slow.

If you think that something is wrong you can choose to call the phone and discreetly listen to hear what is going on in the background to make sure everything is ok. GuardianWare costs $19.99.

Use Responsibly

Whether you are into covert activities, or you want to know where your loved ones are, these spy apps will help you keep an eye on what information is being sent and received on the BlackBerry in question, and monitor its geographical location. As usual, it is not the tool that is bad but how you might use it. Please use these BlackBerry apps in a socially responsible manner.