Remove Official and Custom BlackBerry Themes From Your Device

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Adding/ Removing Themes

Installing themes on your BlackBerry device is a great way to customize the user interface and personalize your BlackBerry phone even more. However, sometimes to install a new theme, or to return your phone to the default theme you will need to delete the active theme. As it turns out, many users have been running into some problems when adding or removing themes. The most evident problem seems to be from users who wish to install an official BlackBerry theme from the app store and are unable to add/remove it from their device.

Whether you got your theme from a custom site, from the application store or created the theme yourself here are a few different methods to add/remove the active theme from your device. If one method does not work simply try the next. If your BlackBerry has been unable to install a theme from the app store you may find the solution here.

Theme Menu

In some instances the theme in question may be added or deleted by navigating to the BlackBerry “Theme” section under options.

More specifically the directory is: Options > Theme > Menu

You can then highlight the theme in the list and select it using the center button; then simply choose the option you wish to perform in the new pop up menu to continue; more specifically the options are “delete” or “make current theme”.

The Desktop Method

One method for adding or removing BlackBerry themes involves both your desktop or laptop computer and your BlackBerry device. In order to utilize this method you will need to have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software installed on your computer and have your BlackBerry device successfully connected and recognized by the computer.

If you do not have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software installed you may find the official executable here.

You must also have the theme file downloaded to your computer in order to add the theme using the desktop manager software; so make sure the file is on your computer or redownload the file by using your computer to find it again on an internet browser.

After making sure your device is connected and recognized by your PC, start up the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software (if it does not run automatically) and then wait for the menu to load.

Once the BBerry Software has loaded you must then select the “Application Loader” option. Then from the next menu select the “start” button underneath the “Add/Remove Applications” section.

The program should then reconnect to your BlackBerry phone and populate a list with current applications and programs that are installed on your BlackBerry device.

Adding Themes: Once the program has refreshed properly you must select the “browse” button and navigate to the location on your computer where the theme is stored. Select the theme file (it must be in .alx format and must include a .cod file along with it) and wait for the program to return to the application loader screen. The theme you just selected should be highlighted in the list and the description under the action column should say “install”. To continue click the “next” button and wait for the list to refresh; it will provide you with a list of current programs/themes that are going to install on your device during the operation. After making sure the correct theme you would like is chosen, simply click the “finish” button to continue and allow the program to install the theme to your device; once finished you may disconnect your phone.

Removing Themes: Once the program has refreshed properly simply navigate through the list to the theme you would like to remove and uncheck the box next to it (the box should then be empty). After selecting the theme press the “next” button and continue.

The program will then provide you with a list of the themes/applications you chose to remove from the device. Simply check to make sure you selected the correct theme and then click the “finish” button. The program should then do its thing and remove the theme completely from your device.

I would recommend soft resetting your phone after the entire process has finished.

Remove A Theme Directly On The Device

The easiest and most prominent method to remove an active theme is through the options menu on your BlackBerry device. It does not matter what model BlackBerry device you own or use, the options menu is universal and generally includes the same layout for different BlackBerry models.

To remove a theme simply navigate to the options menu and then navigate to the following directory:

Advanced Options > Applications >

Once you are in the “Applications” menu you will be presented with the current programs and applications on your BlackBerry device. Simply scroll through the list of options until you find the theme you would like to remove (you must know the name of the theme). Once you have found the theme, make sure it is highlighted and then select it using the center button, then select the “delete” option.

It is not required, however, after the theme has been removed I would suggest soft resetting your device or simply turning it off and then back on; this ensures the theme is completely removed from device memory.

Unofficial Method

If all else fails, don’t panic. The following method is a surefire way to add or remove the active theme from your BlackBerry device. It involves using the BlackBerry Theme Builder software, so if you do not have this software installed on your computer I would suggest doing so now; you can find the install for the program here.

Once the BlackBerry Theme Builder software has been installed you must connect your BlackBerry device to your computer and ensure it is recognized. After doing so, start up the BlackBerry Theme Builder software.

A box will pop up asking you if you want to create a theme, continue by clicking the “create” button. The software should then recognize your BlackBerry device model and provide you with a simulated version on your computer screen (or something similar). We are not going to create a theme (although you may create a new one if you wish) but we are going to navigate to the “manage themes” menu.

To do so navigate through the following menus: File > Manage Themes On BlackBerry

You will then be presented with a pop-up menu that should populate with themes currently installed on your device.

To Install Themes: Select the browse button and navigate to the theme you would like to install and choose it; after doing so the program will install the theme and then return to the previous pop up menu. The phone will then soft reset automatically.

To Remove Themes: Simply select the theme you wish to remove and choose the “delete” option.

The BBerry Theme Builder software will then add/remove the theme from your device and soft reset the phone automatically; if the theme you removed was the active theme the device will be returned to the stock theme.

Once the process is finished you may disconnect your device from your computer. Voila! Finally, the bugger is gone!