BlackBerry Apps that are Just Plain Ridiculous

BlackBerry Apps that are Just Plain Ridiculous
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Ridiculous BlackBerry Apps

With the constant creation of new BlackBerry apps, it comes as no surprise that there is also an onslaught of totally ridiculous BlackBerry apps being created that are most often meant to be funny, but can come off as being lame or just utterly useless. Some people actually enjoy these silly apps, but only for a few minutes after they are downloaded and then they delete them or become filled with regret if they had to pay for them in the first place. Below is a list of ten ridiculous BlackBerry apps that should only be downloaded if you have some serious time to waste or you are looking for a few minutes of fun. Their ratings may vary because the truth is that some are still worse than others.

Baby GO (2 out of 5)

baby go1

This app for your BlackBerry is aimed at entertaining your 2 year old or under. It apparently has colorful onscreen images that will keep the baby entertained while the guardian engages in other activities. The images will move around while the baby presses the keys and it will make sounds that the baby will find entertaining. The images and sounds are said to be educational as the baby will hear the name of something and see the image on the screen and it claims to be an alternative to carrying lots of toys around. This all sounds good, but there is just one main factor they all seem to have missed; the fact is that your baby will be playing with a cellphone. Didn’t the medical association dub cell phones as being harmful to grown ups because there are constant radio waves through usage.

baby go 2

Why give it to your baby? Additionally, it claims to keep your calls and email information safe as the baby cannot mess with it, but what is to stop the baby from banging it on the wall or throwing it on the floor, that’s what babies do. Wouldn’t it be easier, simpler and safer to just bring a baby toy? This BlackBerry app is free, but they have gone ahead and developed a Super Baby Go app for $3.99. You can get the free version via this Download Link.

Vuvuzela (3 out of 5)


There is not much to say about the Vuvuzela app for BlackBerry, except that it’s a noise maker that you have to pay for. The aim of it was to have a stadium horn sound that you could play during the World Cup football series. You could assign it to one of the quick keys on the side of your phone and play it when your favorite team scored or did something spectacular, or play it all the time if you just want to make noise. Well, it may have been fun for a little while during the World Cup season, but what are you going to do with it now, aside from annoy your friends and family of course. The vuvuzela app for BlackBerry now costs $0.99 and can be retrieved at this Download Link if you want to test it for yourself or make a lot of noise at an event.

Ghost Maker (3 out of 5)

Ghost Maker

Ghost Maker1

With the ghost maker, you can generate ghostly images on to the screen of your BlackBerry while emitting ghostly sounding noises. You can also set a timer and let it appear later so that it is not obvious that you did it on purpose, or set the timer and place your phone elsewhere so that the sounds seem to come from thin air. You can set the effects to make the phone vibrate and glow with flashy lights while displaying your choice of ghost, but unless it is Halloween, the fun with this app is going to be limited. You can get a jumpstart on Halloween for only $0.99 at this Download Link.

Baby Maker (1 out of 5)

baby maker

baby maker1

The name of this app is probably what grabs most people’s attention in the first place, but it is not nearly as exotic as you may think. The Baby Maker BlackBerry app is an app that allows you to get an idea of what your future baby will look like. Well, at least that is what their ad says. But what it really does is ask you to input your specs such as; your skin color, your hair color and your eye color and that of your spouse or baby’s daddy and then generate an animated baby based on those specifications. They even go as far as to say that you can find out what your baby would look like if you paired yourself with any particular celebrity, but it all comes down to the information that you put in and if another person with similar specs as you, but not necessarily the same features, inputs that information, chances are you will get the same baby. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there are many baby faces stored in the app’s database, but it is randomized based on your inputs so while it may be fun for a while, you will soon get tired of looking at random animated babies. If you want to give it a try and see some cute babies, then you can download the app via this Download link, its free!

Fart Board (1 out of 5)

This is what BlackBerry apps have come to. Fart Board, need I say more? This app is simply a small list of fart sounds that can be timed and played back whenever you need to fool your friends. If a 10 year old has a BlackBerry, then this is a wonderful app; if not, then there is no point because nobody over the age of ten should still be pulling fart pranks. Well, for those of you who are still kids at heart and have friends who would still appreciate a fart prank, you can get this app here: Download Link. It’s free and reviewers state that the fart recordings sounds authentic enough. Their only complaint is that it is a bit low in volume.

Gangsta Name Generator (1 out of 5)

gangsta name

Ok, the name of this app should have been a dead give away, but alas, many people wanted to find out what their “gangsta” name was and as such they went and downloaded this app. This app is supposed to provide you with your gansta name based on your real name which you will be asked to enter. Additionally, your Gangsta name will be accompanied by your matching gangsta quote. This app is completely useless, but what’s worse is that it seems to be a cover to point you to many advertisements. It did say that the app is supported by ads, but the number of ads that you have to go through is ridiculous. Additionally, many reviewers are saying that the app is a bit racist because every time a presumably “black name” is entered it returns with a Gangsta name like chimpanzee or something to do with the monkey animal species. Furthermore the names that are generated are not even “Gangsta”, for example Heavy Monkey Smuggla and White Mofo Prison Fish. The general consensus is that this is a racist app that is simply made to advertise, but if you want to see for yourself, you can download the app via this Download Link.

2012 Doomsday Countdown (2 out of 5)

2012 countdown timer

2012 countdown timer1

This is probably one of the most redundant BlackBerry apps to date. It is an app that has capitalized on the update based on the Mayan calendar that the world will come to an end on the 21st of December 2012. Some people refer to this as the Doomsday prophecy. What the 2012 Doomsday app does is to provide you with a countdown until that fated day. It is updated per second and shows you the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the day. That’s all well and good for people who actually believe that the world is coming to an end, but if you want to count down to the day, why pay for this app when you can get a free countdown timer app and set it for that day. It’s really just a few months from now. However, if you would rather a preset count down timer to the infamous 2012 doomsday, then you can get this app for $2.99 at this Download Link.

Smell Scanner (2 out of 5)

smell scanner

The first thing about this app is that before you can use it, you have to get past the advertisements and hope that the app is actually worth the effort. The aim is to fool your friends by pretending to perform a smell scan and wait for the smell alert to go off while you are scanning them. You will hold your phone like a scanner and pass it over sections of their body until the alert goes off, which would indicate that the particular area that you’re at has an odor. The dumb thing about the app is that you cannot control when the alert goes off and it goes off at the same time each time you do it. You may be able to fool some of your friends with it once, so if you want to get the app, you can do so at this Download Link. It’s Free.

All In One Weapons (2 out of 5)

All in one weapons

All in one weapons1

This is one of those BlackBerry apps for big kids who want to stay in the action; it is said to be an app that includes all different types of weapons along with the sounds that each weapon makes. Apparently there are singular apps that only host one or two weapons and you would normally have to buy each one separately if you want different weapons. The All In One Weapons app prides itself on combining all these apps into one. The weapons collection includes machine guns, laser guns, shotguns, chainsaws, grenades and a host of others. It sounds good, but how good is the actual app? It has a simple user interface that allows you to mouse over the weapon and click to select and then click again to activate; when you are ready to deactivate, just click the screen and the main menu will appear.

All in one weapons2

The idea was useless to begin with, but reviewers claim that the graphics are lame with plastic images of the weapons and the sounds that they emit are unrealistic at best. But hey, if you are a weapon fanatic and want to give it a try despite the 0 star rating, then go right ahead and download it at Download Link and be prepared to pay $2.99 for it.

Fun Noise Maker (1 out of 5)

Noise maker

Noise maker 1

This is another one of the many BlackBerry apps whose sole purpose is to simply make noise. It claims to be an icebreaker wherein you play it to make one of the 3 preloaded sounds. One of the sounds is the Bad Dum! And another is the sound of a Fog Horn. These will break the ice alright and the other person will think you are weird, if you’re lucky! Reviewers have given it one and no stars and then complain about the quality and the quantity of the sounds, but it makes you wonder who would have paid $2.99 for it in the first place. You can take a look for yourself at this Download Link, you never know when you might need to make some unnecessary noise.


Well, there are the ten most ridiculous BlackBerry apps that I have come across so far, if you know of others that are equally or more ridiculous, feel free to share.