Best Free Quran Apps for BlackBerry

Best Free Quran Apps for BlackBerry
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Installing a Quran app on your BlackBerry is a handy way of carrying the holy book with you to read at your convenience. There are some apps that have an audio feature while others are text versions. Here are some of the best-rated BlackBerry Quran apps on the BBM App Store.

uQuran: Micro Quran Reciter

More than just a Quran reader, uQuran has audio recital along with verse-by-verse Arabic to English translation. The free version has the full text of the holy book, but the audio has to be manually downloaded.

Unfortunately, the free app is limited to using the Surah Al-Fatiha audio file. To review the instructions and FAQ to install this app and the audio files, following this link. You can download it from the app here.


Quran -Best Quran Apps for the Blackberry

This app is one of the most highly rated Quran apps on the BBM app store. The Arabic font shows the text clearly and beautifully whether you are reading the Bahasa Indonesian translation or transliteration. A feature that its users will appreciate is the gesture support for phones that have a touch screen. The app can be downloaded from the BBM App store from this link.

Quran Reader

Quran Reader - RIM Blackberry app

This app offers an option to read the Quran in Arabic along with the English translation. Quran Reader has a verse-by-verse translation view that is searchable in all the supported languages. The supported languages include: Mohsin Khan (Eng), Yusuf ali (Eng), Shakir (Eng), Indonesian, Melayu and French.

One drawback that the free version has is that it doesn’t include complete surahs, for that you will need to get the Quran Reader Pro. Nonetheless, the free app is free and can be downloaded here.

Halal Food Guide

Halal Food Guide - Blackberry app

This app helps Muslims to follow the teachings of the Quran. The feature that Muslims will find helpful in this app is the designation of an ingredient as halal or not. Halal Food Guide can be used to research or quickly reference whether or not ingredients in a particular product are halal.

The app can quickly give its user a description of the ingredient, its ecode and provides important information such as whether or not the product is banned in certain places. The app can be downloaded at this link.

I Love God

I Love God - Blackberry Quran app

Those who are just looking to read inspirational quotes from the Quran, and a few other inspirational books, may find this app useful. “I Love God” is not a dedicated Quran app, in that it also includes quotes from the Bible, Tao te Ching, Bhagavad Gita, Dhammapada and other sacred books.

In fact the app duplicates content that can be found on the ‘I love God –’ website and is targeted at users who want to read an uplifting and inspiring quote on a daily basis. The app is free and can be downloaded from this link.


Muslims don’t have a wide selection of apps to choose from, but the applications that make up this overview represent the best Quran Apps for the BlackBerry platform. While some free versions don’t have the entire book, the paid versions will ensure that users can read all at their convenience.

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