Guide to Getting Scratches Off a BlackBerry and Other Repairs

Guide to Getting Scratches Off a BlackBerry and Other Repairs
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There comes a time in everyone’s life when things don’t go their way. Perhaps your BlackBerry was accidentally dropped into a swimming pool, lake or other repository of water. Maybe it fell off a belt clip or out of a pocket and the lens or other surfaces got scratched. Well there is some good news, there are some simple do it yourself techniques for getting scratches off a BlackBerry as well as other repairs.

Tools Required.

For many repairs there are some common tools needed.

  1. Rubber mat or clean cloth.
  2. Miniature screwdrivers.
  3. Prying tools.
  4. Torx 5 screwdriver.

Warning: Disassembly of your BlackBerry will void the warranty. If you BlackBerry is still under warranty it is not recommended to disassemble.

Disassembly of a BlackBerry

Now that we have our tools in place and a clean soft surface for our BlackBerry let us begin by covering some of the common methods for disassembly. These steps may vary slightly depending on the model but they cover the main points. The BlackBerry website has detailed instructions for all models on their FAQ page.

  1. Remove the battery cover, battery, SIM and microSD card. Place the BlackBerry face down on the clean surface and remove the battery cover first. Now remove the battery and carefully remove the SIM card. If you have a mIcroSD card you will remove that now as well.
  2. Look for any torx screws inside and remove them. Using a tweezers may be necessary since we do not want to turn over the BlackBerry unless necessary.
  3. Remove all other screws using the appropriate head and size screwdriver.
  4. Once all the screws have been removed from the back and inside of the BlackBerry we can now turn over and make sure any screws are not remaining in the front case.
  5. Remove the internal, plastic or metallic frame and you will now have access to the inside of the BlackBerry.

Replace Parts or Clean the Trackball.

At this point you will be able to clean parts like the trackball, or replace parts. There are many parts resellers for BlackBerry devices both online and in many cases locally. This is also a good time to clean the trackball if your BlackBerry uses one.

  1. Make sure to carefully remove the silver ring that holds the trackball in place.
  2. Remove the trackball and clean with a clean dry cloth.
  3. Clean inside the trackball housing where the sensors are, being especially careful not to damage the sensors themselves.
  4. Place the trackball back into the housing and replace the silver ring.

Getting Scratches off a BlackBerry Lens

Smashed - by justinbaeder

Scratches on a BlackBerry lens can be frustrating and annoying. There is always the option of replacing the lens on the BlackBerry but that does involve some disassembly and purchasing parts. There is a method of cleaning minor scratches on a BlackBerry lens that many have tried with good results. Display polish is a polishing compound designed for cellular phone lenses and works well for removing scratches from a BlackBerry. Sometimes even plastic cleaner followed by a plastic polish will work also. Although this article does not provide any recommendations on brand, one can find a good display polish by doing a search on the internet for display polish.

  1. Apply a small amount of the display polish to the lens.
  2. Rub the paste in with a clean cloth applying some pressure.
  3. Clean off the remaining polish with a clean cloth until the lens is clear.
  4. Repeat steps one through three for deeper scratches.
  5. Do not use on coated surfaces.


  • If you are not comfortable with any of the above procedures do not start. It is better to have the BlackBerry sent in for repairs.
  • Never tip or dump the parts out of the BlackBerry.
  • It will always be more difficult to put the BlackBerry back together than it is to take apart.
  • Check out our article on dealing with Blackberry Water Damage.