Best Free BlackBerry Tour Themes

Best Free BlackBerry Tour Themes
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Installing a new theme is a great way to spruce up your BlackBerry with new fonts, images and color schemes without affecting its functionality. The themes that we cover in this roundup represent some of the most popular free BlackBerry Tour themes that are available for download.

Imagining Theme 2.0

If you want your phone to pop with color, but don’t want them to over power the display, this could be the app for you. The theme has

warm colors and a very eye catching design that should suit the tastes of male and female BlackBerry owners alike. Perhaps the fact that the theme is the brainchild of a world-class art designer accounts for the fact that it has been downloaded, and is being used by thousands of BB owners. This free theme is available for download from the BB app store.

Snow Day- Animated Winter Theme

Even if it’s summer, this snow day theme can cool down your mind and remind you of the cooler days to come. The animated background will

Snow Day- Animated Winter Theme-Blackberry-pic

be sure to put you in the Christmas holiday spirit, whatever time of the year it is. The theme can be used on the BlackBerry 8300 / 8800 series, Curve 8500/8900 series, Bold 9000, Storm/Storm2, Tour 9630, and Bold 9700. Be a happy penguin and download this free winter theme here.

Free Sea Storm Animated Theme

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that a theme about stormy seas is one of the most popular among BlackBerry themes; the fact that it has over

Free Sea Storm Animated Theme - BBM-pic

4,000 reviews is testimony to the fact. The theme has a full screen animation with custom color schemes and professional looking fonts. The app will only install on OS 4.5 and above so be sure to check that your phone can support this app. To download the theme and get instructions to install it, you can go to the BB App store.

Free Butterfly Photo frame Animated Theme

This theme is feminine yet not overly girly. The collage of butterflies and flowers covers the entire screen without overpowering or

Free Butterfly Photo frame Animated Theme-BB-RIM-pic

cluttering it. The theme brings the beautiful purple/pink color scheme, which is used for the background, and transitions it into the phone’s menus. This beautiful butterfly and flowers BB theme is also free. You can get it here.

Rose Sparkle Animated Theme

Those who are feeling really loved will no doubt appreciate this theme. Perhaps this is the free valentine’s BlackBerry theme you want to install

Rose Sparkle Animated Theme– blackberry tour themes-pic

on that special day, or install on your lover’s phone so they can have a more ‘permanent’ token of your love. The theme is centered on a single red rose, with the rose red color scheme carrying through to the menus and icons. As with many of its other popular themes on the BB app store, Mobstar Media Ltd, the app’s developer, has a winner here. Here is the link to download the app.

FREE Flower and Little Cute Bird on the Desk Theme

Here is a theme to give square looking BlackBerry icons a new identity, and the phone’s interface a cute new look. In addition to the

FREE Flower and Little Cute Bird on the Desk Theme-pic

cute background image of the bird and flower, the app comes with system icons for your messages, contacts, profile, browser and alert icons. The theme also has stylish fonts and colors to spruce up your menus and the overall feel of the phone. This free BlackBerry Tour theme can be downloaded from this link.

Simplex Theme

If you are not the type that’s into flowers and cute animals, chances are you will appreciate this minimalist BlackBerry theme. The app is void of

Simplex theme-minimalist-Blackberry-pic

much color but has a very clean look. Among the things that users can customize with this app are: the fonts, colors, menus, dialog window, lock-screen and hourglass. The theme requires OS 4.7 or higher and is designed specifically for these phones: Bold (9000,9650,9700); Tour; Pearl 3G; Curve (8910, 8530 and 8900). The Simplex theme can be downloaded from the BB app store.


Installing a new theme is certainly better than trying to customize the look of your phone manually, one element at a time. Using a theme will ensure that you get a tastefully designed look with little hassle. We hope that the free BlackBerry Tour themes we reviewed here have revealed an option you will like.

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