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Let Your BB Remind You of Your Prescriptions

written by: Jim Vassallo•edited by: Christian Cawley•updated: 7/23/2010

Blackberry applications can now let you setup your prescriptions and reminders for refills.

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    The BlackBerry Smartphone

    BlackBerry smartphones have become the latest rage across the country these days because of all the different applications they offer and their ability to access email and the internet from anywhere. BlackBerry smartphones allow users to talk via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), have their email from every single email account they own sent to their phone, access mobile internet websites and use various chat systems such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger. If you live and breathe using email, chat, and the internet then the BlackBerry smartphone is the phone for you. Now, BlackBerry smartphones offer users applications for keeping track of their medications. These pharmacy dosing applications for blackberry total over 300, giving the user plenty of options to choose from to download to the phone.

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    Medical Applications

    If you carry a BlackBerry smartphone and take medication regularly, then the over 300 pharmacy applications that are compatible with BlackBerry smartphones are for you. These applications offer the user the ability to keep track of their individual medications, when the pills need to be taken during the day, and when their next refill is due. All of this information can be plugged in by the phone's user and reminders can be set that will act as alarms to alert the user when it is time to take a pill or time to file for a refill. These types of applications for BlackBerry smartphones will make life easier for the user in various ways. The user will never have to worry about when it is time to take a pill ever again.

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    Top 5 Pharmacy Dosing Applications for BlackBerry

    Below is a list of the top 5 pharmacy dosing applications for BlackBerry, some of which are free of charge, currently available for download:

    1. Archimedes: The Free Medical Calculator. This application, mostly used by pharmacists, allows you to calculate hundreds of different medical formulas for putting prescriptions together. This removes the hassle of having to remember all of the different formulas or having to perform research every time a formula is needed.
    2. Medscape Mobile. This application allows the user to look up formulas, check how certain drugs interact with others, what herbals cannot be taken with certain drugs and log prescription information.
    3. Epocrates. This application allows the user to lookup formulas if they are in medical or pharmacy school, lookup different drugs, and log prescription information to file reminders about taking pills and needing refills.
    4. This is an online pharmacy that now has an application for BlackBerry smartphones. Users can do almost everything on the application that they could do on the regular website.
    5. Walgreens. Another pharmacy application; this one comes at a minor cost. This application, like the previous four, allows users to enter their prescription information into the phone to setup reminders that can be helpful in the future.