Guide To BlackBerry OS 6

Guide To BlackBerry OS 6
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Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry operating systems have always been a major point surrounding the company. Some users have actually noted how outdated their system is and have switched to other competitors because of that alone. The BlackBerry OS 6 is about to unveil and lately people have been talking about how it may make RIM a major competitor within the market once more. Some previous users are even thinking about switching back to BlackBerry if indeed the new OS 6 holds up to its word of being the fastest from the company yet.

Newly Designed Touch Keyboard

With the new touchscreen phones, the touch keyboard (or touchpad as some people may call it) has been redesigned also. The new redesign makes it much easier for users to type without pushing down on the wrong letter. A common complaint from Storm users has been that when trying to type a message they’ve repeatedly hit down on the wrong letter. The main reason was because the keyboard had the letters spaced so closely together. With BlackBerry OS 6 you’ll be able to see what letter your finger is on before pressing down on it as it’ll show on the top of the keyboard. This helps to prevent confusion and should make typing more accurate.

Redesigned Homescreen & Features

Another cool factor with the BlackBerry OS 6 is the way the homescreen has been redesigned. Some common features such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) have also been revamped and been given an updated look. The media/music part of the phone has gotten most people’s attention as it’s now easier to access your photos and favorite music without having to scroll through so many unneeded items. You can even share photos and publish items on Facebook or any other social networking site with an easy click. SurePress technology is still available and it’s said to be faster than on the previous operating systems launched by the company.


A really cool factor about this system is the fact that BlackBerry users will be able to use widgets on their phone. This has been something that current users (and even past ones) have been wanting for a long time now. Many RIM competitors are already using them. BlackBerry is said to have made the new system fully customizable for anyone to choose exactly what they want on their phone. There have been leaks that show that there is an ESPN widget added on there that will let you view scores on your homepage and also the Weather Channel widget.

Of course BlackBerry has been a bit behind with its competition, but with talks about the BlackBerry OS 6, they may soon become number one again. Another cool fact about what is to come is the fact that the browser is supposed to be much faster than it was in the past, so web browsing will be a much improved experience. People have stated that the Storm 2 will be the first phone to test out a beta version of this operating system. Hopefully it lives up to its expectations…and more.