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BlackBerry Media Manager Guide
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Introduction to the BlackBerry Media Manager

BlackBerry Media Manager is a part of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager program. You can use the media manager to find, organize and transfer media files between your computer and your BlackBerry device. BlackBerry Media Manager can also convert certain file types into types that are optimized for use with your BlackBerry. You can launch the Media Manager by clicking on the “Media” icon in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager screen.

BlackBerry Media Manager User Interface

The media manager user interface is divided into two halves. The upper half contains the media files on your computer, while the lower half contains the media files on your BlackBerry. The file structures are located on the left side of the display, and the individual files are located on the right. This user interface will only open up when your BlackBerry is connected to your computer.

Manage Media on Your Computer

On the left side of the screen there are two tabs for the two different ways you can view media on your computer. The “My Media” tab automatically sorts the files by type, keyword and creation date. The “Folders” tab is really just Windows Explorer, with your files sorted according to the folder they are in.

In order for the Media Manager to find your media files in the “My Media” tab, you have to enable folder watching. Go to the “Tools” tab to turn file watching on and off. You can set it to watch every folder for new media files, or you can specify certain folders for the program to watch. The file watching option will automatically recognize when new media files show up on your computer.

Transfer Files

Drag and drop files to move them from your computer to your BlackBerry, and vice versa. You should probably have your media card inserted into the device and selected in the bottom frame, to keep you from using all of the available memory in your BlackBerry. Make sure you have the correct folder selected in your BlackBerry media card, as your BlackBerry may not be able to find media files in the wrong location.

When you move a file to your BlackBerry, you will be given an option to convert that file for optimal playback or leave the file as it is. It is recommended that you choose to convert the file.

Music File Information and Playlists

With BlackBerry Media Manager you can edit audio file information like artist, album and track number. Select the audio file and press the “Song Info” button at the top of the window. You can enter information in the new window, or if you have an internet connection, press the “MusicID” button to allow the program to search the Internet for the information.

Drag an audio file to the “Playlist” area under the “My Media” tab to add that file to a playlist. You can also right click on a song and choose “AutoMix.” The program will search through your files for similar music files and present them in a window where you can choose to add them to a playlist.


The Media Manager itself rarely runs into problems, but if it does a quick restart of the program, or your computer, should correct the issue. There are sometimes errors when you are trying to copy media files from a disc. Most of these are issues are with the disc itself, but if you run into problems you should first clean the disc and close any other applications running in the background. If you still encounter errors, consult the user’s guide for your media burner.

Addittional Help


If you need any additional direction, select the “Help” menu and then “Media Manager Help Center.” The help center has directions for importing and editing numerous types of media files. Just type in a keyword and select the relevant entry from the list.

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