BlackBerry Curve USB Connect PC

BlackBerry Curve USB Connect PC
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BlackBerry Curve Connection

To get the most out of your BlackBerry Curve, you will need to connect it to a PC, and to do that, you need to use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. While BlackBerry Desktop Manager has several features, the most important may be the ability to backup your data. There is always a chance that a BlackBerry might stop working, due to a software error or an accident, and need to be erased or reset. If you backed up your data, then you never have to worry about losing your information, since you can restore it once the phone is fixed, or even transfer it to a different BlackBerry Curve.

The BlackBerry Desktop Manager does do a whole lot more than just backup information and this article will discuss some of the major features. Make sure that you have the latest version of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, although these instructions should work for all versions after 4.7.

Installing Blackberry Desktop Manager

You can install the software from the CD that came with your BlackBerry, if you kept it, or you can grab the latest version from the BlackBerry website.

Simply download and run the zipped file. You may need a program like Winzip to continue. Just select your country and accept the BlackBerry licence agreement, then choose a typical installation. Choose between using the software with a personal email account or a work email account (if your company is running BlackBerry Enterprise Server) and install the program.

Using Blackberry Desktop Manager

Connect your BlackBerry Curve to the computer using the USB cable that came with it. If this is your first time running the Desktop Software, you are required to have a BlackBerry connected to start the program. Once you start the Desktop Manager it will check to see if your Curve needs any updates, and if it doesn’t, it will take you to the main program screen.

Backup and Restore

The first thing you want to do is backup your information, just in case something happens. BlackBerry Curves can back up almost everything on the device, ensuring the safety of your data. Click on the “Backup and Restore” button on the Desktop Manager. You now have three options: Backup, Restore and Advanced.

Backup and Restore

The backup process is simple, just click on “Backup,” choose which directory on the PC you want to store the backup file in, and press “Save.” The restore process works almost the same way, click on “Restore” and then choose the backup file you want to restore. If you have a large amount of data this process may take a few minutes. When you restore data any changes that you made to the phone since the last time you backed it up will be lost. You can also click on the “Options” button to set up automatic backups, so that the BlackBerry Desktop Manager will make backups every few days when the Curve is connected to the PC without you having to remember to do so.


The “Advanced” button allows you to only restore certain parts of your backup data. When you click on the “Advanced” button, the right side of the screen will populate with the data on the Curve that is currently connected to the PC. You can click on “File” on the left side of the screen and import a backup file. Click on something on the right and press the “«” button to change only that part of the database. Alternatively you can click on something on the left and hit the “»” button to change only that part of the phone database.

Application loader

After you have saved your data, you can now perform updates and manipulate applications. Click on the “Application Loader” button to continue.

Press the “Start” button under “Add/Remove Applications” section and a list of all the available applications will populate. Place check marks on anything you want to add, and remove check marks on anything you want to remove. Click “Next” to show a summary of what you want to change, and click “Finish” to complete the changes on the Curve.

Software Upgrade

Click on the “Start” button under “Update Software” to start the update process. The Desktop Manager will now list all of the software versions that it has. You can get the latest software form your phone carrier website, like AT&T or Verizon, since the Curve software is different for each one. Click on the software that you want to use and click “Next” to start the upgrade process.

IP Modem (Version 5.0.1 Only)

IP Modem

One of the best features of the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software is the ability to use your BlackBerry as a modem for your PC. This process was possible before this software version, but it was very complicated and didn’t always work correctly. Now it couldn’t be more simple.

Click on the “IP Modem” button on the main screen and then click on the “Configure” button on the left. Choose your wireless carrier from the list in the drop-down box and click “OK.” Now click on the “Connect” button on the right and your BlackBerry will now serve as your internet connection for your PC. Please note that not all carriers will allow this connection, and some may require a special plan for it to work. So if you can’t get connected, check with your wireless carrier to make sure they don’t block the process.

Other Features

There are many other things that the BlackBerry Desktop Software can do when you connect your Curve to your PC. The Desktop Manager can transfer media files, synchronize information between certain programs and your Curve, or even use Bluetooth technology to connect your Curve to your PC without using the USB cable. Access the help file in the upper right hand corner for explanations and directions for all of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager processes.