The Best Free Google Apps For BlackBerry

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Get the Most out of Google Mobile Apps

Over recent months Google have made some of their popular desktop and web-based apps available as mobile apps.

Taking advantage of the best Google has to offer is a great way to save time and enjoy the mobile web – and what better way to do this than to get the best free Google apps for BlackBerry?

Whether you’re planning on accessing Gmail, syncing calendar data or searching with Google’s legendary search engine, viewing GPS data via Google Maps or something else entirely, with the new BlackBerry versions of Google Apps, you can take a multitude of desktop browser apps with you!

Free Google Apps for Blackberry

Simply by pointing your BlackBerry mobile browser at, you can take advantage of the following free Google apps:

  • Google Mobile App
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google Voice
  • Google Sync

With this great suite of Google applications, you can get some great results – for instance, use Google Maps as a GPS system for cycling, running or hiking, or pick up emails with Gmail!

There are more apps available than those listed above - however your phone manufacturer or carrier/network might have restricted some of these services, such as YouTube or Google Earth.

You can expect to get full functionality out of the five Google Apps listed here – so let’s take a closer look at how they can be used…

Mobile App

This is the standard Google search tool that you would come to expect from the masters of web based search – but with a difference. Knowing how difficult it can be to type search terms into boxes on your mobile browser, Google introduced voice search! The Google Mobile App allows you to search for a word or phrase that you utter into your BlackBerry mouthpiece.

Gmail Mobile

Another of Google’s revolutionary tools has been Gmail – a great way to manage emails, you can compose, send, reply, forward and even move emails to different folders using this app.

Gmail can be accessed either in your desktop browser, in a mail client, in a mobile email client and now via a BlackBerry widget. Even better, the Gmail widget synchronizes with your email account, sending messages straight to your phone!


One app that is far more powerful on your BlackBerry than it is on your desktop, Google Maps is best used on phones with GPS. Here it can be used for low-level navigation (don’t replace TomTom just yet!), ideal for walking, running or cycling. Mobile versions of Google Maps allow you to search, plot courses and view in map and satellite mode - the most recent version also includes voice search.


With Google Voice, you can use Google’s own VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service to make calls. Much like Skype, you can talk with other Google Voice users for free, or call landlines and mobiles for a lower fee than you would with your usual network charges. This is one of the most intriguing free Google apps for BlackBerry, one that can potentially change how you use your mobile device completely.


Finally, Google Sync manages the transfer of data between your Google Calendar and your phone. Like Gmail, this is a great alternative for domestic BlackBerry users that don’t have the advantages of the push email and automatic server to calendar synchronisation that is usually found on business RIM handsets.

It should also be noted that these apps are designed mainly for use with both touchscreen and scrollball controlled BlackBerry devices – however be aware that handsets with smaller screens (such as the BlackBerry Pearl) will not benefit in the same way as those with larger screens will (such as the BlackBerry Bold).