CrackBerry Apps for BlackBerry Phones

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CrackBerry Phone Apps is the most popular site for BlackBerry users on the internet. The site offers everything BlackBerry: phone reviews, apps, forums, articles, themes, ringtones, wallpapers, you name it. If it’s in any way related to BlackBerry, CrackBerry covers it. Avid BlackBerry users flock to the site for up-to-date information and a comprehensive app store, among other things. It’s no surprise that CrackBerry phone apps have been created for BlackBerry in response to their loyal users. CrackBerry has 5 different applications designed exclusively for BlackBerry.

CrackBerry Apps available are:

  • CrackBerry Launcher
  • Website Launcher
  • Crackberry Button
  • CrackBerry Smash
  • CrackBerry Theme

Keep reading for detailed information about each different app. A link to download each popular CrackBerry phone app will be provided.

CrackBerry Launcher

The new and improved CrackBerry Launcher is more than just a shortcut. This CrackBerry app has a menu interface that launches you to the area of the site you want to visit, making navigation easier and faster. CrackBerry Launcher can take you directly to: The CrackBerry Blogs, each individual forum, Search (apps, ringtones, wallpapers and blogs), CrackBerry App Store and CrackBerry’s Twitter page. This app requires BlackBerry operating system version 4.5 or greater for compatibility.

Click to download CrackBerry Launcher.

Price: Free Website Launcher

This CrackBerry phone app downloads a shortcut to your BlackBerry home screen. The CrackBerry shortcut takes you directly to the mobile CrackBerry site. Mobile CrackBerry is optimized for use on your BlackBerry device and even gives you access to the CrackBerry forums from your phone. This CrackBerry app requires BlackBerry operating system version 4.0 or newer.

Click to download Website Launcher.

Price: Free

Crackberry Button

As a spoof of Staples’ popular “Easy Button”, CrackBerry upped the ante and created the Crackberry Button. Offered for free, the Crackberry Button offers entertainment for all the CrackBerry fans out there. This CrackBerry phone app installs a button on your BlackBerry to alleviate the need for your CrackBerry fix. The button features sound bites from CrackBerry podcast sound effects. This CrackBerry app requires BlackBerry operating system 4.3 or greater (BlackBerry operating system 4.7+ for BlackBerry Storm).

Click to download Crackberry Button.

Price: Free

CrackBerry Smash

CrackBerry Smash is a fun game app for BlackBerry Storm devices. CrackBerry Smash is played over the top of the home screen. The CrackBerry logo shows up on screen along with mini icons of competitor phones. Tilt the screen to move the CrackBerry logo to smash the other phones. BlackBerry addicts can take revenge on iPhone, G1 and plenty of other BlackBerry competitors when they need something to pass the time. CrackBerry Smash requires a BlackBerry Storm device with operating system 4.7 touchscreen.

Click to download CrackBerry Smash.

Price: Free

CrackBerry Theme

Fully immerse yourself into your CrackBerry addiction with the CrackBerry Theme for your BlackBerry. A customized CrackBerry-esque layout and design will decorate your BlackBerry with this free theme. The theme is available for select BlackBerry models and operating systems. Visit the link for the download to determine if your device is compatible.

Click to download CrackBerry Theme.

Price: Free