Great Sites that Offer Free BlackBerry Themes

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Want to pimp out your BlackBerry phone with cool themes? This is the right place to make it happen. The site offers a variety of free themes for various BlackBerry devices including Bold 9700, 9600 Tour, 9500 Storm and more. What’s cool about the site’s listings are the screenshots of the themes on the front page which include the BlackBerry phone. (Link to

BlackBerry Freaks

This site offers a considerable number of BlackBerry free themes, roughly around 100 free themes in all. The free themes are broken down by BlackBerry models - including themes for BlackBerry 8800-8830, 8700-8707, 8100, 7200-7500 and more. The site even has a step-by-step tutorial on creating your own blackberry.thm file so you can install your own theme. (Link to BlackBerry Freaks)

Although not comprehensive enough in terms of BlackBerry models, this site is still worth a look if you are using the BlackBerry 8100, 8300 or 8800 model series, this site offers you more lots of free BlackBerry themes. Currently containing around 450 free themes, the site provides screenshots of each theme to help you quickly decide which one to get for your BlackBerry. (Link to

BlackBerry Seeker

The site has a wide array of free BlackBerry themes for various units. Each of the free themes listed have brief descriptions to explain what each theme is all about. As the themes are made available for free download, the site has a PayPal donation button which you might want to click if you happen to download a free theme from the site. (Link to BlackBerry Seeker)

Cool BlackBerry Themes

Although the site offers paid BlackBerry themes, you can still find a good number of free themes for various BlackBerry phones. These free themes are definitely good looking and would certainly spice up your BlackBerry phone. Check out the sites “Most Viewed” theme category and you’ll noticed that most of them are free themes. (Link to Cool BlackBerry Themes)


If you’re a long time BlackBerry phone user, you should probably be familiar with already. It’s perhaps the largest unofficial BlackBerry site offering loads of stuff for all types of BlackBerry devices, including free themes. The site has an extensive catalog of BlackBerry themes, both free and paid. To get the free BlackBerry themes select the view by pricing (lowest to highest) and the first themes listed are the free ones. (Link to CrackBerry’s free themes)


The site has a good collection of free themes listed down on the site’s forum. To see free BlackBerry themes, you have to sign up for the forum. Once you’re in, you can freely download some nice themes appropriate for your BlackBerry devices. While you’re browsing the site, you might want to check out the paid themes as well. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something great that you don’t mind paying for. (Link to Eveek)