Guide to Resetting Your BlackBerry Without a Battery Pull

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If you like to try out new applications on your Blackberry and constantly keep your device updated, you are bound to experience situations when resetting your phone is a requirement. If you have a Blackberry with a full QWERTY keyboard, you can easily reset the device by keying in the keyboard shortcut for a soft reset. Blackberry Storm users have to remove their battery to soft reset the phone. This method can get cumbersome as you have to extract your phone from multiple layers of protection and the holster.

To solve this problem, learn how you can easily reset your device using a software application called Quickpull. The application comes in two flavors : a free version and a pro version with scheduling capabilities.

How To

To get started, you need to first download the Quickpull application from the web page of Steelthorn software. Install the free version of Quickpull. Once you’ve done it, just open up the application and hit the reset button and the application will perform a hard reset. A hard reset takes care of memory problems and refreshes your phone by cleansing its memory.

Quickpull comes in both free and pro versions. The pro version allows you to schedule a hard reset every week at a particular time while the free version only allows you to schedule on a daily bases. It also automatically hard resets your phone whenever your memory falls below a minimum threshold. During a phone call the application will wait for the call to complete before performing a hard reset. It also notifies you in case you miss a scheduled reset due to a locked or holstered phone. Overall the free version should suffice for most users, power users may find the additional functionality in the pro version useful.

Some scenarios where quickpull could come in handy on your Blackberry Storm is when you face a slow down after starting an application or during browsing, during an application crash or whenever you face any problems after installing a third party application. Quickpull makes your phone perform better after a hard reset and I recommend it as a must download for all Blackberry Storm and Pearl users.