JL_Cmder Review - Wipe or Restore Your BlackBerry with Command Prompt Precision

JL_Cmder Review - Wipe or Restore Your BlackBerry with Command Prompt Precision
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Do you have a ton of applications on your BlackBerry that are slowing down your phone? While installing and trying out multiple applications which include low quality software and freeware, some of them just do not uninstall properly and wiping your phone clean is the only option. JL_Cmder which stands for JavaLoader Commander is a user developed application that allows you to easily wipe your BlackBerry clean, take a screenshot, view the event log or erase the phone and restore it to factory settings.


JL_Cmder is a very basic application with no actual user interface to speak of. It is essentially a command line tool that runs off your PC that allows you to perform important tasks in case your phone is bricked or not responding. A couple of keystrokes will allow you to perform each of the applications functions. To use the application you first need to install the RIM BlackBerry Desktop Manager software or BlackBerry USB and Modem Drivers for your phone. They can be downloaded from the Blackberry Website.

The options offered in the tool are -


deviceinfo - which allows you to view the phone information in a text file

eventlog - that exports your event log to a text file. You could use this to check for problems on your phone.

screenshot - this allows you to take screenshots of your phone screen

wipe - This command will remove the current OS in your device. It is the most useful feature on this application and it allows you to recover your phone from unresolved problems. You could also update your phone OS after performing a wipe command.

resettofactory - This command keeps the OS, but restores the phone to factory settings.

Command-line usage - this allows you to control your device using the command prompt. This is strictly for power users.


JL_Cmder is very useful in many scenarios. It can be used if you need to wipe your phone before disposing it or need to recover your phone from a problem that you can not solve. I read an article on a forum where a person who had broken his keypad could still wipe his phone before getting rid of it using this application. The application can also be used to restore a Bricked (Non responsive) Blackberry phone.

Overall the application is indispensable and it wouldn’t hurt to bookmark the download link in case you face a problem with your phone in the future. It can be downloaded here.