Review Of 3D Lawn Darts Game For BlackBerry Smartphones: Installation, Game Play, Main Features, and Final Verdict

Review Of 3D Lawn Darts Game For BlackBerry Smartphones: Installation, Game Play, Main Features, and Final Verdict
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Overview, Installation, and Main Features

I bet you remember playing the classic dart game in a club, coffeehouse, or at a party. I have one of these in my basement, and, once in a while, I try my hands at it. But, 3D Lawn Darts from Concrete Software is a completely different experience. Unlike the traditional dart game, here you get to throw the darts on a board that is placed on the ground rather than a wall and is loaded with many features that add more fun to it.

Game play is simple, and you just have to throw the dart on the board with a bulls eye. Each player takes turns to throw the dart in a round that consists of three throws. Points are granted on the basis of how close you get to the bulls eye. The closer you get, the more points you achieve.

So, you just have to aim the dart at the centre of the bulls eye, select the power with which you want to throw, and then release it.

3D Lawn Darts for BlackBerry can be purchased from the official website of Concrete Software for $6.99. You can also download the trial version which is available from the company’s website. The setup a file is only 722 KB in size and will download within seconds. You can either use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to install the application or go to the above URL by opening your Blackberry’s browser and then directly downloading and installing 3D Lawn Darts on your phone.

This game offers you play in four different backgrounds that are on the moon, in the backyard lawn, in the forest, and in the ocean. It is a multiplayer game supporting Bluetooth and others shared devices allowing you to play and compete with your friends. Not only this, the game offers you to select special darts including fire darts, laser darts, bomb darts, splitter darts, and nuke darts. So, if you are bored throwing normal darts, you can always select these modes and add more entertainment to the game.

I found the game graphics to be well defined but the sound effects to be really great. The controls are easy to use, and, once you get used to the game and know how to aim and select the power, you will become more and more addicted to the game. This game also supports camera motion sensing technology, and, if you have a camera on your BlackBerry device, you can choose to throw the dart by thrusting your arm forward giving more preciseness to the throw. But, the question is, does this really work? And, the answer is a simple no. Unfortunately, the technology is so complicated that however hard I tried I was not able to figure out the exact way to handle a throw. So, at the end, I gave up and started using the normal procedure which turned out to be much easier. Another thing that brightened me up was the use of cool trophies that are awarded to you after you win a level.

Finally, the game is compatible with most of the BlackBerry models and you can go to the link here to find out whether your device is compatible with the application or not.

Final Verdict

3D Lawn Darts is a great game, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The controls are easy to use, and I had fun all the way. The game graphics are satisfactory, but the sound output is great. The game is quite reasonably priced at $6.99 and is a great way of killing time when you are bored with your busy schedule. In the end, I must say that this game is worth giving a try, so download the trial version and try your hands at it.

SOURCE: Concrete Software