BlackBerry Bluetooth And Wired Headset Buyers Guide

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Things to Consider

When purchasing a Bluetooth or wired headset for yoru BlackBerry it’s important to purchase the right piece of hardware. Accessories of this kind can be picked up for as little as $15 (£10) which means there is a lot of choice - but not necessarily a lot of quality.

As such there are several things to bare in mind when making a purchase:

  • A handsfree Bluetooth headset or a wired headset?
  • How easy is it to answer calls and adjust volume?
  • Will the headset work with your BlackBerry?
  • Is the headset price commensurate with its functions?

Wired or Bluetooth?

You might be making phonecalls, you might be listening to MP3s, and you might be doing both - but what solution is best? Which is most suitable for driving and talking, listening to music on the go or in trains and planes - wired headsets or Bluetooth headsets?

Traditionally wired solutions have been considerably cheaper than Bluetooth handsfree kits, however this is now changing as the Bluetooth technology is improved and perfected.

Sharp differences in price are now due wholly to designer labels and sound quality - but when there are Bluetooth devices available for $15 (£10) why splash out $120 on a handsfree headset?

Ease of Use

Another thing that must be considered is how easy your headset of choice is to use. If you’re listening to MP3s and that’s it - possibly with the odd phonecall - then you probably won’t mind fiddling with the wire-mounted answer button.

However it is a common issue with wired handsfree headsets that the answer button is badly positioned, difficult to activate in time or prone to failure - as such the ear mounted answer button found on many Bluetooth headsets could prove to be the preferred solution in this situation.

Compatibility - Make Sure It Fits

Buyers fresh from a different smartphone platform might be surprised to discover that wired BlackBerry headsets come fitted with a 3.5mm jack, meaning that even the cheapest personal use headset can be connected for output from MP3s and other media.

Bluetooth signal and band is also important; users on the road might prefer to opt for the higher reaches of the price list in order to ensure they have a Bluetooth headset that is likely to maintain a good connection with their BlackBerry in amongst traffic made up of emergency services, other Bluetooth users, taxi cabs and others.

It’s always best to check the specification of the chosen Bluetooth headset to confirm that it will work with your BlackBerry - there are a handful of manufacturers offering substandard Bluetooth headsets that should be avoided.

Don’t Forget The Price!

These three elements - if considered and applied when you make your choice - should put you in a position to make the right purchase.

So it’s time to start the process of spending money - which means it’s time to shop around.

Stick to your price range, check all of the big names such as Amazon or PC World, and look for as many reviews and customer recommendations as possible.

Finally if buying online, choose the most secure retailer with the best reputation - shop safely and with confidence.