How Do I Find My BlackBerry PIN?

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What is a PIN and Why Do I Need it?

Your Blackberry PIN is a major part of your Blackberry usage. This PIN is needed to send other Blackberry users PIN messages, use the Blackberry Messenger, and to activate software you may purchase from Blackberry vendors such as Shop Crackberry. Losing your PIN should not be a problem, but if you forget it, you may find yourself in a bind. Luckily, there are two different ways to locate your PIN so you never have to worry about it.

How to Find Your PIN

The first method to locate your PIN is to:

Go to Options.

Go to Status.

The PIN is listed on this screen. Other information you will find on this screen includes: signal strength, battery life remaining, the amount of free file space, the total file space, and the phone IMEI code, which identifies your phone compared to other Blackberry phones.

In the event that this does not work or you want another way to find the PIN, you can find it on the “Help Me!” screen. The “Help Me!” screen contains valuable and helpful information to assist you with various issues that may arise. To get to the “Help Me!” screen, you will want to start on your home screen. Hold down both the caps and alt buttons and press the H key. Other information on the “Help Me!” screen includes the vendor number, the platform, the app version, the IMEI number, signal strength, and uptime.

Knowing these two methods to locate the PIN will help you ensure that you will always be able to user your Blackberry phone for whatever you need. In addition to your PIN, you will also know where to find other information you may need if you ever have to talk to customer services or technical support when you have trouble with the phone.