BlackBerry Curve Smartphones: 10 Basic Shortcut Calling Keys

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The tips listed above will allow Blackberry Curve users to quickly launch several important and often used features directly from their Blackberry Curves keyboard.

  • Answer A Call - Press the green send key. We know this one is simple, but new phone users may need a push in the right direction.

  • Insert the “+” symbol into a phone number - Hold down the O key. This is going to be used if you’re dialing an international number or if you are travelling abroad as the + key is often used.

  • Include an extension number with a phone number - Press the devices “Alt” key along with the “X” key and then enter the extension number.

  • Create a speed dial number - From the home screen or from the phone screen, whichever you prefer simply hold down the key you want to assign the number to, its much like presetting radio stations on most modern radios.

  • Turn Speakerphone Option Off and On - The device features a speakerphone button, simply press it.

  • Enter A Letter into the phone number field - Press the “Alt” key + the key of the letter you want to include.

  • Check Voicemail - Hold down the 1 key. This is pretty standard on most cell phones found on the market today.

  • Move up to the top of your home screen - Simply press the “Space” key, this acts like your computers “Home” key.

  • Find the last phone number you called - Press the Space Key followed by the enter key. You can then choose to press the send key to dial the number if you choose.

  • From the phone screen view your contacts - Simply hold down the Send Key.

More To Learn…

Those are the basic calling functions users can implement when beginning to use their Blackberry Curve Smartphones. In this continuing series we’ll take a closer look at mobile internet shortcuts, message list shortcuts, and other options that will make using your Blackberry Curve a faster and more enjoyable experience.

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