Blackberry Storm Guide to Safe Mode, Network Connection Light, and Typing Capital and Accented Letters

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Enable Safe Mode

If you want to disable a third party app from running much like you would on a Windows Mobile Safe Mode launch you can do so by enabling the Blackberry Storm Safe Mode option.

1. Start by taking out the battery on your Blackberry Storm and reinserting it.

2. When you see the LED light turn from red to nothing hold down your Escape Key as your device loads.

3. Eventually a dialog box will show up, press the OK button.

You should at this point see a status message showing that you are in safemode, if you don’t see that message try again until the message appears.

To get back into regular mode simply remove the battery and reinsert it then turn the device on without touching anything.

Turn Off The Network Connection Light

I personally hate the green flashing light that lets me know that I’m connected to a network, luckily its easy to turn off that annoying flashing light.

1. Press Home then Options

2. Choose Screen/Keyboard

3. Under the LED coverage option choose to turn it On or Off

4. Choose Menu

5. Press Save

If you chose the OFF option the green flashing light will now be eliminated, simply go back through the options if for any reason you need to turn it back on.

Capitalize and Accent Letters

Want to capitalize the letters you’re endlessly typing on your Blackberry Storm? Or perhaps you want to add accents that you normally would need to use, if you do its very easy, just hold down the letter you want to capitalize and you’ll be set to go in a matter of seconds with the ability to capitalize or accent the letter you’re holding down.


That concludes our guide for Blackberry Storm uses. There are of course many more options found via your Blackberry Storm Users Guide, the options I chose throughout this 4 part series were simply the options I thought deserved some highlighting. Feel free to message me via Brighthub with any suggestions you have for other options. In the meantime keep playing around with your Blackberry Storm Smartphone and learn all you can.

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