Ultimate BlackBerry Storm Users Guide: Part 3 of 4

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Set A Background Picture

Are you sick and tired of the standard Blackberry background? Then change it by adding a background picture of your very own.

1. Launch the Media App

2. Open your Pictures folder

3. Choose a Picture

4. Once you’ve chosen the picture and it’s opened choose Menu and then Set As Home Screen Image

Once you’ve completed those steps your Blackberry Storm background will then display the picture you’ve chosen. I tend to try several pictures to see which ones still allow for an easy Blackberry display.

Turn Airplane Mode On And Off

Since you can’t use your Blackberry Storm when in flight here’s how you disable and enable your devices calling features by turning Airplane mode on and off.

1. On the Homescreen choose Manage Connections

2. Choose Turn All Connections Off or Restore Connections

Be aware that the Blackberry Storm uses the wording above and not “Airplane Mode” just so you can avoid any confusion.

Wipe Your Blackberry Storm Personal Data

Need to remove your personal information because your selling your device or giving it to someone, if that’s the case you’ll want to perform a factory reset. Luckily this is a simple process that can be handled in just a few short steps.

Here are those steps:

1. From your Blackberry Homescreen press the Menu option.

2. Choose Options

3. Press Security Options

4. Choose General Settings

5. Again Press Menu

6. Choose Wipe Handheld

7. Choose the option Include 3rd Party Applications if you also want to delete any applications you’ve installed, otherwise leave it blank to avoid that step.

8. Choose Continue

9. Type the word Blackberry

It’s really that simple to wipe your Blackberry, no weird button combinations or other strange options found on some other cellular devices.

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Accept Files Via Bluetooth

The only want to receive files via your Blackberry Storms Bluetooth configuration is to turn that option on.

1. First start by opening the Media App, next choose a media type.

2. Press Menu.

3. Push Receive Using Bluetooth.

5. Choose Yes to turn the option on.

6. Select Save.

Take Advantage Of Conference Calling

t’s simple to add conference calling to your Blackberry Storm. Follow these simple directions:

1. Enter into a call with one person you want on the conference call.

2. Press Menu

3. Choose Add Participant

4. Enter the phone number of the person you want to add or choose a contact from your contacts screen.

5. Press Send.

6. Choose Send key to bring your chosen contact or phone number into the conference call

Add any other people you want by repeating the steps listed above.

One Last Section…

There are Blackberry Storm Tips 11 through 15, stay tuned for our last 4 tips in our four part Blackberry Storm Essentials Users Guide Series.

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