Blackberry Storm Guide to Copy/Paste, Javascripting, Bedside Mode, How to Block Your Number, and the Auto Off Backlight

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Cut/Copy/Paste/Highlight Options

Simply touch the Storm screen with two fingers at the same time before the text you want to highlight and directly after the text. Then choose the Cut or Copy icons found at the bottom of the screen then put the cursor at the spot that you want to paste in the message and click Menu followed by Paste that’s it and you’re done.

Turn Javascripting On/Off

If you want to speed up your browser or create better security one option is to turn off your Storm browsers Javascript abilities. Here’s how you control whether or not javascript is one or off.

1. Enter your Browser

2. Click Menu

3. Press Options

4. Push Browser Configuration

5. To turn all java on choose Support JavaScript

6. To allow javascript popups choose Allow Javascript Popups

7. To Kill javascripting choose Terminate Slow Running Scripts

8. After choosing one of the options above press Menu followed by Save Options.

That’s it, another nice and simple solution to whether the Storm. Sorry I couldn’t help it.

Turn On Bedside Mode

Don’t want to be disturbed while you sleep, how about turning your Blackberry Storm into a dormant pile of electronics.

1. Open the Blackberry Clock App

2. Click Menu

3. Choose Enabled Bedside Mode

To disable bedtime mode simply click Escape

Block Your Phone Number When Making Calls

Want to make a call without showing your phone number to the person your calling, its a rather simple process once again.

1. Enter the phone app by pressing the phone button

2. Press Menu

3. Press Options

4. Press General Options

5. Under Restrict My Identity choose the Always option

6. Press Menu and then press Save

Side Note: Make sure your carrier hasn’t disabled this option, if they have changing this option will not block your mobile phone number.

Disable Auto Off Backlight For Video Viewing

When watching long movies via your Blackberry Storm screen you probably don’t want your backlight to turn off. Luckily the folks at Research In Motion took this fact into consideration when designing the Blackberry Storm. Here’s a simple process that will keep your Backlight bright throughout your movie watching experiences.

1. Launch the Media App

2. Push Menu

3. Press Options

4. Choose the Turn Off Automatic Backlighting field with a No answer.

5. Press Menu

6. Choose Save

More To Come…

That concludes Part 2 of 4 in our Ultimate Blackberry Storm Users Guide, stay tuned for more easy to implement device options in our next article in the series.

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