The Ultimate Blackberry Storm Users Guide: Tips for Enterprise Activation, Icons, Storage Preferences, and Browser Zooming

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Add An Application Icon To Your Homescreen

After you download an application to your device you may want to create an Icon for easy displaying. Here’s how to handle that offering:

1. Find the File

2. Click on Menu then Move To Home and finally Home

That’s it and now your icon is sitting on your home screen rather than stuck hidden away somewhere in a folder.

Add Enterprise Server Access

So you want to check your corporate email from your Blackberry or perhaps use other server side options, in that case you simply need to follow a few quick steps to setup your account.

1. On the home screen choose the Applications icon

2. Bring yourself over to Options

3. Choose Advanced Options

4. Press Enterprise Activation

5. Enter your Email Address followed by your Server Password

That’s all there is too it, another simple process to gain access to your companies Blackberry Server.

Set Storage Preferences For “Long Messages”

1. When in your message list click the Menu key

2. Then Click Options followed by Advanced Options.

3. Set Keep Messages

4. Press Menu

5. Press Save

It’s that simple just choose the options you want from that menu and your messages will be saved or not saves as you choose.

Browser Zooming Functions

Zooming in and Zooming out is very easy on the Blackberry Storm. To zoom in simply double-tap on your Storm’s screen and to zoom back out all you need to do is click the escape key. Sure it’s a few simple button presses but it makes a huge difference while surfing from your mobile device.

Remove The Blackberry Disclaimer

No one cares that I’m sending my messages from my Blackberry Smartphone, that’s why I delete the “Disclaimer Message” If you want to do the same simply follow these easy steps:

1. When you’re creating your email press the Menu button.

2. Choose the Remove Disclaimer option.

That’s it and now the disclaimer is gone.

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