How Do I Dial Phone Numbers that Contain Text On My BlackBerry?

How Do I Dial Phone Numbers that Contain Text On My BlackBerry?
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1st Step: Make Sure Your Carrier Supports Call Forwarding

Not all carriers support Call Forwarding, for instance many pre-paid carriers will not offer this service, or even major carrier pre-paid plans such as T-Mobile FlexPay. Before you proceed check with your carrier if they allow for Call Forwarding.

In other cases your carrier may allow for call forwarding however the feature may not be enabled, call your carrier support center to enable the option and to learn of any fees that may incur. Remember that call forwarding to international numbers and other toll numbers may cause your lines to display overages, it’s very important that you’re aware of any additional fees that may occur.

2nd Step: Setup Call Forwarding

Click the Call key on your Blackberry Device (The Green Button) at which point you’ll be taken to your phones dialer program. From the dialer screen click the Blackberry Menu key, then scroll down and select Options.

After you click options you’ll see the following screen: (Click To Enlarge)

Simply scroll down to call forwarding and click on that choice. You’ll then be presented with a phone number options screen. On this screen you’ll see the ability to disable calls with an option called “Do Not Forward” along with three forwarding options which include: “If Busy” , “If No Reply” and “If Not Reachable” you have the option to input one phone number for all options or a different number for each option. If you want certain calls forwarded to a secretary of different line these options are the best way to accomplish that goal.

Here’s a screenshot of the Call Forwarding Menu:


To access the number change option simply click your Blackberry Menu from the screen shown above and then select “New Number” or “Edit Numbers.”

After you enter the numbers you want to use your Call Forwarding Application will be activated and new calls will be forwarded to the phone numbers you’ve entered into the list found above.


Call Forwarding via your Blackberry Cellphones is very simple to do as you can see from the simple process above. Just remember that not all carriers support the use of call forwarding and extra fees that can grow quickly when using call forwarding in certain situations.